GameStick Android Console may benefit the Gamers

Size is an issue when it comes to gaming consoles. Many of the console options available today are large and take up more room than is wanted. The result has…

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New Games in Old Computer

How To: Play New Games in your Old Computer!

Launch of newer and advanced gaming applications is a frequent happening, which excites the gamers. The bad part is that the computer hardware gets outdated sooner, when seen from the…

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2013 trending games and gadgets

2013’s Trending Games and Gadgets

The previous year was a hit for games and gadgets, well this year expect more of a bang. 2012 is memorable for consoles such as Wii U and PS Vita,…

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S3 Games

Top 10 Games for Samsung Galaxy S3

Samsung Galaxy S3 comes with many amazing features with a powerful Android Operating System. Galaxy S3 is not only with great features but you can enjoy good gaming experience on…

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sticky keys

How to Turn off Sticky Keys

How to Turn off sticky keys Sticky key is a feature that was created in a Windows-based Operating System mainly for individuals who find to difficult to hold down a…

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