2013’s Trending Games and Gadgets

2013 trending games and gadgets

The previous year was a hit for games and gadgets, well this year expect more of a bang. 2012 is memorable for consoles such as Wii U and PS Vita, and these are just some of the many consoles that made 2012, a good year for Gamer. Going now to gadgets and devices, the iPad 3 with its 4G technology definitely ruled and the release of Windows 8 gave a sounding buzz.But that was 2012, how about for 2013? Here are expert opinions on the games and gadgets that would top the people “must have list”.

2013 trending games and gadgets

2013 Trending Gadgets:

1. The Xbox 720

Talking about consoles for this year, the Xbox 720, would probably the most talked about. It is still set to be unveiled this year (June 11th is the rumored release date). It was given the codename Durango and players would be much exhilarated to hear what the gaming console has to offer them.

When it comes to specs, the Xbox 720 is said to use AMD Graphics Hardware, reports also reveal that it is set to use tow GPU all together. Rumor has it that the game console would be using dual graphic chips, enabling players greater efficiency, lesser noise, and greater power during playbacks. It is also said to be 3D capable and can produce 1080p and 60fps.

2. 4G

Hurray for faster mobile internet connection, and hurray for the 4G technology making this possible. 4G, which stands for Fourth Generation Technology is the extension of improvement of the 3G technology offering more services and more bandwidth. What do we expect from the 4G technology? Higher quality for audio and video streaming, faster connection and browsing capabilities are the answers.

3. Samsung Galaxy S4

This wasn’t expected until April, but rumors are already circulating that a follow up to the Samsung Galaxy S3 (it is award winning, something worth mentioning) is already coming. While specs on the latest Android device are still deemed “rumors” tech experts project the Galaxy S4 from the South Korean firm would have an impressive 5 inch full HD display with a 1920*1080 resolution. This is said to follow its trendy rival: HTC butterfly. With this feature, the pixel density would be at 400 pixels per inch, going beyond the resolution of Apple’s Retina display (and this is just a mobile phone).

4. Apple Television

A television set that is said to revolutionize the television industry. Still a rumor, but tech experts are receiving weekly news about Apple’s plan to launch a television set. This rumor emerged when a new agency revealed that Apple is working with Foxconn in testing several designs of Apple televisions. There are reports that the company is also working with Sharp and made investments in an LCD factory owned by the company.

2013 Trending Games:

1. Grand Theft Auto V

Deemed as the most anticipated game for the year 2013, Grand Theft Auto is the succeeding installment of Rockstar’s world crime series. From the name itself, the Grand Theft Auto V is said to be bigger than the previous games by 5 times. With the latest version, Gamers can control 3 main characters.

2. Tomb Raider

2013 will bear witness to the rebirth of Lara Croft. The 2013 version promises more actions that it’s previous versions. Despite being an action driven, the game is just a reboot o the story and the plot revolves around Lara Croft’s early days as a beginner. The game showcases her as an inexperienced raider who is just learning and growing through the adventures.

3. Watch Dogs

Watch Dogs  definitely took the spotlight at the E3 last 2012. The game plot revolves around a future where the world can be accessed as well as controlled using smart phones. The game’s main character is Aiden Pearce and if you play his character you can control traffic, delay trains, raise bridges and jam mobile phones. The game is from the makers of Assassin’s Creed and Far Cry.


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