How To: Play New Games in your Old Computer!

New Games in Old Computer

Launch of newer and advanced gaming applications is a frequent happening, which excites the gamers. The bad part is that the computer hardware gets outdated sooner, when seen from the perspective of game launching frequency. Rich gamers can afford new machines. What about those gamers, who cannot afford to buy a more advanced computer? If you cannot afford to buy one, it doesn’t mean that you cannot play the game that you are excited about.

Optimization’ always helps in such a case. You can always, optimize your PC for the advanced games. Let us walk you through the kind of optimization you can do, to play your favorite games.

Replace certain old hardware with the new ones

Most of the difficulties in playing a game are because of the graphics card, low capacity of RAM and slow processor. Before making a decision of purchasing a new computer or laptop, open the Control Panel of your system and tally the hardware requirements of the gaming application with that of the hardware specs of your computer. This will give you an idea of what the components are, that need to be upgraded and accordingly, you can make a better approach of replacing the specific components, instead of buying a new one.

Defrag your hard drive

Defragging your hard drive will not make a huge difference, but you never know! Definitely, it will speed up your system. Usually, the files are randomly scattered, which is why your system takes longer to retrieve a particular document or run a program, upon request. However, when you perform ‘defragmentation’, it will organize the files in a proper order and it will take less time to fetch a particular document or run an application. Speeding up your system could be an inspiration for users, to sweep off their hard drive on a periodic basis.

Over-clock your system

Over-clocking of the video card or processor will, undoubtedly, increase the speed of your system way beyond. However, you need to be careful, as it will lead to overheating of the components, which are placed closer to the video card or processor. If you’re sure of bearing the damages caused by overheating, then go for it or else, give it a second thought.

Make use of Game Booster 3

Game Booster 3 is free software from Windows. Utilizing this software lets your game use most of the resources, of your system. When you run the program after installation, it kills all the processes that are unwanted, at the time of playing the game. Once the gaming application is closed down, the system will restore back to the environment that was prevailing, before you ran the gaming application.

It is good for you to accept the fact that after a certain period, your system will not be qualified to play more advanced games. All that you can do is tweaking your system a bit, to match upto the standard of requirements of the games. However, if your budget allows, you always have an option of buying a gaming machine.

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