Top 10 Games for Samsung Galaxy S3

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Samsung Galaxy S3 comes with many amazing features with a powerful Android Operating System. Galaxy S3 is not only with great features but you can enjoy good gaming experience on it. In this article, we come with attractive games for Samsung Galaxy S3 that will give you lots of good quality performance on your handset. The list contains Top 10 Games for Galaxy S3. Here we go…

1-      Shadow Gun


Shadow Gun is based on war mission game that gives you a battle experience on your Smartphone. Dr. Edgar is the main character in this game who is the Commander of the mutant army. In this game the user, get some authorities to manage the art weaponry state and ship to attack on enemy. Shadow Gun gives the experience of battle with the strong enemies.

2-      Samurai Vengeance II

Samurai Vengeance 2

Samurai Vengeance II is based on dynamic battle of a Daisuke Samurai who start a payback mission with the other countryside enemy named Orochi. You will experience the outclass graphics with dynamic camera angles and virtual joystick in this game.

3-      FIFA 12 by EA SPORTS


It’s never be wronged if you said that FIFA 12 is specially design for Samsung Galaxy S3, because you can play this game smoothly on your Smartphone. The game FIFA 12 contains 22 official leagues with more then 15,000 players along with 500+ certified country teams. Samsung Galaxy S3 user control the great legendry players like Gerard Pique, Kaka, Karim Benzema and Wayne Rooney in your hands.

4-      Sonic 4 Episode II


Sonic 4 Episode II is another throttle game that can be enjoyed on Samsung Galaxy S3.Sonic 4 Episode II Top 10 Games for Samsung Galaxy S3. Sonic 4 Episode II is based on thriller action game of fellowship of Metal Sonic with Dr. Eggman accordingly openhanded ascent to a new evil. Metal Sonic try to fetch the end to this evil with his fellows. Samsung Galaxy S3 users experience the amazing effects during this combat with multiplayer option in this game.

5-      Defender 2

Defender 2

As shown by name, Defender 2 is based on protecting mission of tower aligned with waves of fiend with two modes providence. Samsung Galaxy S3 users can use the one Battle mode, which is based on battle with another multiplayer, and the other mode is local which is based on fighting aligned with fiends.

6-      Amazing Alex

Amazing Alex

Amazing Alex another one the Top 10 games for Samsung Galaxy S3. Amazing Alex is based on a clever Alex who is a kid, Alex complete his meticulous mission with work chain which is created by uses of domestic toys. An amazing IQ game to make fulfill the creative designs & challenging levels.

7-      Killer bean unleashed

Killer Bean Unleashed

Killer bean unleashed is based on the payback mission of an elite agency cop against his enemy who trying to kill him. Killer bean unleashed gives challenging levels with Survival Mode, Play Story Mode and Mega Levels Mode which are makes this game more entertaining and enjoying.

8-      Virtua Tennis Challenge

Virtual Tennis

Tennis is most favorite game in the world and now you can play Tennis on your Samsung Galaxy S3 with Virtua Tennis Challenge game. The game “Virtua Tennis Challenge” contains 18 stadium and 50 players from all over the world.

9-      Frontline Commando

Frontline Commando

Frontline Commando is based on one-man army. Frontline Commando comes with a payback mission of the Commando who visage his enemies alone and takes the revenge his killed Soldiers. Frontline Commando has great graphics that makes you feel in the action.

10-   Devil Ninja 2

Devil Ninja 2

Devil Ninja 2 is another interesting graphical game for Samsung Galaxy S3. Devil Ninja 2 based on the task of killing the ruler of fiends by fighting with the monsters. Devil Ninja 2 provides you large combat and good graphics to makes you feel the action.

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