Web Testing

SharePoint Forms Designer from VirtoSoftware features

Virto SharePoint Forms Designer web part allows you to create attractive forms for your business webpage.The web part is ideal for beginners who are looking for an easy way to…

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Cloud Print

5+ Reasons why you should adopt Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is everywhere. Most of us are already using it without necessarily knowing. When you’re checking your bank balance on the smartphone, you are entering the cloud for this…

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Successful Business

Growing Importance of Knowledge Management Systems

Businesses have a huge amount of unstructured information that could potentially limit the profitability of this information. A knowledge management system, or KMS, is a way for businesses to structure…

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Online Shopping

Top 5 Online Shopping hacks to save money

Almost every shop is either available online or in the process to go online. It is the future. You can buy anything you want online. From Groceries, Food, Clothes to…

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ExceptNothing Featured Image

Why should every website have a blog?

A lot of people know about blogging, have tried it, run a personal one, or follow several that are written by others. Blogging on the internet has been around for…

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