5+ Reasons why you should adopt Cloud Computing

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Cloud computing is everywhere. Most of us are already using it without necessarily knowing. When you’re checking your bank balance on the smartphone, you are entering the cloud for this information. There are all sorts of little things like that we do everyday that are part of cloud computing.

However, there are also areas where we might not have yet made the move. But should we? Since cloud computing is so prevalent in the modern world, shouldn’t we all be using it? The answer is that we probably should. There’s a reason cloud computing is popular. These exact six reasons are the reason you should follow the trend and adopt cloud computing.

#1: Enhanced security

Cloud computing is fantastic because of the enhanced security it will provide you. You don’t need to worry about your hardware being lost or damaged – all of your most important files will be online in different, secure servers. You are able to access your information no matter what and you can even get rid off it at any point.

The service providers do their utmost to provide proper security to their customers. They need to do it because it is their business and reputation on the line if something goes wrong. Therefore, a lot of money is put into keeping data safe on the cloud – improving your security.

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Buying physical hardware can be expensive. New computers and servers don’t come cheap – their management can also add to the costs. Cloud computing is cost-effective because you don’t need to pay for the hardware – you simply pay for the services you actually need. What’s more, you don’t need to be replacing the hardware but the cloud provider will do it for you.

The pricing plan for cloud computing is also straightforward. You know exactly what kind of service and support you are getting by talking to the service provider. If you then need to change your plan, you can do so and get an instant quote on how much this upgrade will cost. It’s so much easier to prepare your budget around cloud computing because there are no hidden or sudden management costs.

#3: Improved collaboration

Cloud computing can make collaboration much easier. Whether you are working on a work project or just a passion-led idea, you can truly enjoy the benefits of being able to communicate, share and tweak information real time. Anyone who has been granted access to your cloud will be able to edit the files. You can even choose to do this in different ways. For example, it is possible for everyone to see the past changes or you can limit certain files so that you don’t have to worry about losing sensitive information.

As mentioned, enhanced collaboration doesn’t mean that everyone gets to do what he or she wants. Indeed, cloud computing can provide you with better control over what specific users are able to do. If you take a traditional computer, anyone who gets to open it might be able to do all sorts of things with it – edit the files, remove data or share information with others. However, cloud computing allows you to specifically determine what different users are able to do.

Cloud Computing

#4: Ease of use and maintenance

Cloud computing can also remove some of the difficulties in terms of use and management. Updating your hardware is not only costly, but it can be difficult as well unless you are an IT guru. By using cloud computing, you don’t need to worry about any of that – you simply need to outline that your needs have changed and the service provider will help you out.

#5: Better access

Naturally, cloud computing will provide you with enhanced access to your files. You don’t need to be in the same physical location as your hardware. For a business, this can be especially important because it will allow you to work from all over the world. Now, access isn’t just restricted to computers either. You don’t need to have a PC or a laptop to access your cloud computing system. Most providers support apps and therefore, you could access your files with your smartphone.

#6: Scalable

Finally, cloud computing offers fantastic scalability. You don’t need to worry about changing your entire hardware just to have more space available. You can just contact your cloud provider and upgrade your plan – this is often cost-effective and easy. It’s not just the storage you can increase either. Cloud computing allows you to add more CPU, RAM and hard drive space in a matter of minutes.

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