Top 5 Online Shopping hacks to save money

Online Shopping

Almost every shop is either available online or in the process to go online. It is the future. You can buy anything you want online. From Groceries, Food, Clothes to Apartments, Cars. You name it, they have it. It is the twentieth century’s way of trade. With so many options to choose from and so many eCommerce sites (selling general products and niche products) at your disposal, it can be overwhelming, especially when you are running out of time. We will discuss five hacks you can use in no time which will make you a damn smart online shopper. You can boast to your friends about how you save tons of cash using these hacks.

  1. Leverage price comparison sites: Most people suck at this. Some are hardcore fans of a single e-commerce site such as amazon, eBay. They refuse to look further. While some buy whatever shows up on their screen from a mediocre google search result. They refuse to put effort. There are plenty of price comparison sites available today which you can leverage. There are sites such as Price Grabber, Nextag, Buy Hatke etc. You can find the cheapest rate for the laptop you can’t take your eyes off within seconds. 
  1. Use Coupons: Coupons are for getting discounts for your product. There are literally, tons of sites selling you coupons for free. One example is Cashkaro. They offer you discounts on 1500+ sites including all the big fishes such as PayTM, Flipkart etc. There is a simple way to leverage these sites. If you are like most people and find yourself going into these sites and searching for the items a big hassle, you can just add these coupon sites as extensions in your browser. Great Isn’t it? 

Save Money

Smart people are saving thousands of their hard earned cash using coupons while buying electronics, groceries and heck, even medicines. Most of these websites offer a cashback service for the stuff you buy. 

  1. Go for the new websites. Catch them young: When a new eCommerce website arrives, they always give insane discounts. Compared to the old and established websites, these newcomers do not have the trust and expertise. Hence, they go for the kill offering cool products at cheap prices. You need to keep an eye on them and use them effectively. This tip is really helpful if you are buying an expensive product. You can save a lot of money. For example, you can have a look at to buy products at cheap price.
  1. Use apps rather than websites: This is the era of apps and smart mobile devices. Gone are the days of websites and PC’s. Most people have a smartphone at their fingertips. They tend to buy stuff using phones rather than PC’s and the shopping sites know this, which is why you find prices lower when you use their apps compared to websites. 

Also, when a new app is launched, they give you huge discounts and great offers if you happen purchase from that app. Use it for your own benefits and learn the hacks in and out. There will be occasional contests running, make sure to participate and stand a chance to win great products for free.

Online Shopping

  1. Ship it from across the pond: This is an advanced hack smart shoppers use. Most of the times, if you are aware of how the economies work, you will know that some products are cheaper in some countries and really expensive in some. You can grab a product real cheap if you know the ins and outs of how international shipping works. 

With the advent of payment technologies such as PayPal, you can pay or get paid from people of different countries using different currencies. Some sites even offer free shipping to various countries if you spend a certain amount on shopping. This tip is very useful in the long run. Dig this hack and learn how to use it and save thousands.

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