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Virto SharePoint Forms Designer web part allows you to create attractive forms for your business webpage.The web part is ideal for beginners who are looking for an easy way to create a SharePoint form. Not everyone knows how to create a SharePoint form from scratch because it requires advanced programming skills. Online guides are available but they are they are written in difficult programming jargons which makes it not suitable for beginners.If you are not a programmer, it is recommended that you get a commercial software like VirtoSoftware sharepoint forms designer web. The following are 5 benefits of using Virto SharePoint Forms Designer.

  1. Easy to Use

With virtosoftware Sharepoint Forms Designer, you don’t need to have any programming skill to create complex sharepoint form. It offers user friendly interface that allows you to use drag and drop feature to add different controls into the form. Some of the basic controls that you can add into the form include accordion, button, hyperlink, text, and tabs.

A new section will automatically be created when you drag and drop the control. Under the form tab on top, you can find the tools you need for managing the form, layout, settings and saving the form. You can hide/show ribbon toolbar by accessing the general settings. Tabs can be easily created by clicking the Add tab button or remove tab by clicking the delete button. You can conveniently delete all tabs by clicking the red remove link. It allows you to create unlimited number of sections and fields can be placed on multiple rows. Each row can have only 3 controls and you can set the same user interface for creating, editing and displaying forms.

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  1. Create Custom style

With VirtoSoftware SharePointForms Designer, you can customize the styles of the form including color, CSS styles, fonts, add text,  images, buttons, add URL, security properties.You can show or hide label of fields by checking/unchecking the visibility box. The controls can be placed in either the tab or accordions menu. Under Settings, you can define the line spacing in between the controls added onto the form.

  1. Ability to Backup Form Template

VirtoSoftware Sharepoint Forms Designer gives you the ability to save the form as a template for future use. You can press the Export button to backup the form in your computer as txt format. By saving the form, you don’t have to create the form from scratch if you want to create a form with the same templates. You can press the Import button when you want to apply the saved form template onto a new form that you want to have the same design.

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  1. Manual Coding is Supported

VirtoSoftware Sharepoint Forms Designer include both HTML and Javascript editors. HTML editor allows you to write your own HTML code to design the form. Javascript editors gives you the ability to run Javascript code on the form. The CSS editor allows you to customize the appearance of the form with your own CSS style.

  1. Give Viewing Permission to Selected Users/Groups

VirtoSoftware Sharepoint Forms Designer allows you to assign users with permission to access certain fields of the form or certain types of forms. Setting the permission can help to protect the sensitive information of the company. You can approve viewing permissions to groups, uses, or all users.


In conclusion, VirtoSoftware Sharepoint Forms Designer is an indispensable tool for those who cannot code to create custom forms. You can use VirtoSoftware SharePoint Forms Designer to create a form that offers all the functionalities you need without much effort. It makes the process of creating a great custom form affordable and the form is sure to work without any bug.

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