Prank your friends by inserting HTML Form in your Facebook Status

Facebook Freezer

You might have seen some of your friends doing cool tricks on Facebook. Sometimes they don’t reveal the secret of performing the trick. Here, in this tutorial, I will show you a cool trick so that you can raise your collars to them. 🙂

Facebook’s API is in such a way that you can perform some of the functions in the URL itself. Just copy the given code from the box below to your address bar of your web browser.

I tested this URL in Firefox. It works perfectly. When you try to load this link, your browser window shrinks. Your browser window will be back to normal when you close the window after posting.

You can also add some text along with the form. I have created a  form in such a manner that your friends believe it as a original form that can be used for hacking/cracking. But originally, the form that I have made is a dummy one. when you press submit button, it does nothing.

Your code is below: &
‘caption’:'<center><fb:editor-date label=”Schedule Date” name=”field2″ value=”682448400″ /></center><br>’,
‘description’:'<center><fb:editor-textarea label=”Profile URL” name=”field3″ rows=”3″ /></center><br>
<center><fb:editor-buttonset><fb:editor-button value=”Submit”/> <fb:editor-cancel value=” Cancel” /></fb:editor-buttonset></center>’,
‘name’:'<center>   <fb:editor-text label=”Victim UserID” name=”field1″ /></center><br>’,
‘media’: [{‘type’: ‘image’,
‘src’:  ‘’,
‘href’: ‘’}]}

See a preview here :

Facebook Freezer
Facebook Freezer

Thanks. Start Playing pranks on friends. Don’t forget to Comment and Share this Post !


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