5 Ingenious ways to make your LinkedIn Profile stand out

Stand out

LinkedIn is the CV of this tech savvy digital era. Making your profile stand out from the rest will make way for more and better opportunities in your area of interest. A particularly interesting website named Bombbomb.com has aced the game of video messaging for professional purposes. They have build a niche for themselves and they’re here to stay. Creating and sending your video messages to your LinkedIn contacts, who may be your potential professional pursuits can help you in incredible ways. Let’s look at how you can use this in the best possible manners.

LinkedIn Video

  1. A personal Thank You message: Create a short video using Bombbomb.com thanking someone who has taken the time for you and helped you in some manner. This will show that you’re grateful and your gratitude will go a long way. Nobody dislikes being thanked and you stand out as well. Speak about how important this help has been for you and how it will help you moving forward. Address the name of the helping individual with a warm smile to flatter them.
  2. Send your potential recruiter a personal video message: You may be on the hunt for your First job or looking for a new and better job. You can come across hundreds of recruiters on LinkedIn to whom you can text a few words and mail them your resume. This can go off unnoticed but when you send a personal video message addressing them, they will surely be more than impressed and may even call you for the interview. Make sure to keep the video short and effective. Research quite a bit about the company you’re aiming for and speak about it in the video. If you’re InMailing a recruiter, it’s important to make the best use of this feature, draft a mail which would surely get response.
  3. Follow up after some nerdy networking: LinkedIn is the social network for business and it’s how you connect with people working in the same discipline and like minded individuals. You can gather at a coffee, discuss business ideas and network. Networking can be with an individual or a group of people who share a common interest. You can follow up with the plans right after the networking event highlighting the key points or any missed out details. This way, you can convey that you’re really invested in the project and serious about it. Learn more about Social Media marketing from a business point of view.
  4. Introduce yourself through video: Every one has a picture of themselves on their profiles, most probably shot wearing their favorite navy blue suits. But not everyone has video. Video is an incredibly personal medium. You can tell and show a whole lot of yourself using video. You can show you’re confident of yourself and that you can dress incredibly dapper. You can come off as someone who can speak eloquently and knows what he’s talking about. In a nutshell, you can show off more details about yourself using this amazing feature. Next time when someone clicks on your profile, make sure you impress them in all possible ways. It will most certainly pay off. It’s important to have an active profile always.
    LinkedIn Introduction
  5. Congratulate your LinkedIn friends for their accomplishments: Go a step further and send out a personal video recording of you congratulating your friend on their new position or a new job or any accomplishment for this matter. Convey them how happy you are to see them reach their personal goals and how inspiring they are to you. It will surely flatter them and make your relationship stronger. You can also congratulate your friends on their work anniversaries and other publications. Click here to see how to add a video message to LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is the numero Uno social network to find new jobs and network all over the world. Now with the help of Bombbomb.com and it’s ability to make and send video messages, it has become even more useful and effective. We discussed five ways on how you can become more interesting to your networks and potential recruiters. Make sure the video is flawless and communicate the message clearly. These steps will make you stand out from the crowd and show that you’ve taken your game to another level.

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