Social Media Marketing: Important Role in Online Business

Social Media

Your online presence is importance in bringing in new traffic, sales, and lasting customers. Social media networks are gaining popularity by the day and billions of people around the world are starting to manipulate the communities. Having a well-built website is no longer enough to dominate the web anymore. It is essential to effectively market your business where your customers hang out at, and the best way to do this is on social media websites like Twitter and Facebook.

To many people, it’s now hard to imagine a life without social media, making it a great outlet for your business to engage with potential and existing customers. Even though the presence of these networks has only shown up within the last decade, the number of members signed up is growing rapidly, and only going to increase.

Setting-up a page on these networks and posting content every once in a while is not enough to be successful in social media marketing. You have to know when to post, what content is engaging, build up a substantial follow base, and interact with potential customers and industry leaders.

Social Media Marketing

Higher Open Rate

Have you ever tried email marketing and tracked the open rate with software to find out only very little emails you send are being opened and read? That’s because when an email comes through to customers or other businesses, they automatically view you as spam and ignore all that you have to offer. On social networks, customers will be more open to your messages because the platform you are using is more comfortable, relaxing, and open. You are no longer a spam company try to sell to them, you are their friend.

When you have a new follower or notice a person posting they are in need of the type of services you provide, send them a brief message thanking them for the follow and telling them you are available to handle any of their needs.

More Customers and Sales

Meeting and engaging with potential customers on social media gives your customers trust in your business. When you are constantly posting relevant and helpful content, the world views you as knowledgeable, trustworthy, and beneficial. Social media keeps your business name relevant and gives you the opportunity to present yourself to a wide range of potential customers.

It is known that coupons, giveaways, and discounts bring buzz to your business and gets more people to buy your services if they know they are getting a deal. You can post these coupon codes and discounts to Facebook and Twitter.

Social Media

It’s Free

The only thing that needs to be invested in using social media sites is time. It is free to sign up to Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn and create company pages. Even if you invest in social media, there will be a high return on investment.

Your Competition is Tweeting

The competition in your niche is tweeting and posting to Facebook and shouldn’t that be a good as reason as any? Don’t let your competition dominate social media and steal all of your potential customers.

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