Review of Sony Ericsson Xperia Ray

Xperia Ray

Embodiment of elegance and attitude, Sony Ericsson Xperia Ray is available in various colors and has the newest version of Android.


This handset is one of the thinnest smart phones at a thickness of just 0.37 inches. The screen is a 3.3 inches LCD.  This handset will really captivate those who are new to smart phones.

The front of the phone has two soft key buttons and the third is a hardware button that takes you to the Home page. The home key is between the other two buttons and lights up in green or red with respect to the status of the phone. However, usually without any notification, it lights up in blue or white. There are other functions that Home key can be used to perform, for instance, to turn the backlight of the phone on. The shape and the overall look of this phone is not like that of a typical Android phone.

Sony Ericsson XPERIA Ray

Anatomy of Xperia Ray

The most stunning feature of the Xperia Ray is its 8 MP camera, which takes pretty good snapshots despite the sleek package. It also carries a front facing VGA camera for video chat. There is also 300MB of user-available ROM for apps, and a 4GB micro SD card is included in the package.

It also has a built-in option of screen capture, which could have been good for all the Androids. If we press power button for long, the screenshot option appears anywhere anytime.

Other than some of the awesome things such as Sony’s Video and Music Unlimited, the set also includes Face book, Track ID for the caller ID, Office-Suite Pro, McAfee Security and that is not all. It also has Sony bundled games and apps. The software’s performance is appreciable. The User Interface changes do not slow down anything at all and is actually good for Android.

Xperia Ray


The Xperia Ray is the first handset in Xperia series which has a huge semi circle in the middle home button and two capacitive keys which are better than the former designs which had comparatively thinner button and was difficult to handle.

At the right side, there are up and down buttons.

Battery Life

Xperia Ray has “1500 MAH” battery. The 3.3” display helps to conserve the battery but it has a good rather than an average battery. It can last up to 5 to 6 days with the minimal usage but if daily gaming and Wi-Fi browsing is done, it can last all day as well as all the night on one single charge.

Like other hand sets, it has some minor setbacks as well. Primarily it has a comparatively smaller screen which makes it difficult for men to use. It’s more appropriate for DELICATE FINGERS. But if someone is not concerned with the size than Xperia Ray is a perfectly user friendly phone.

The two things which can ruin the dessert are the USB port on the upper left side which can make the user and the handset a little uncomfortable in plugging in the cable. And secondly, of course, the PRICE TAG!


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