windows 8

10 Best Features Of Window 8

Windows 8  is the latest version of operating system by Microsoft. It is developed with numerous great features and has become popular in very short time. Windows 8 Features include amazing…

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kids apps

Amazing Android Apps for Kids

The immense popularity of Android as an operating system is regarded to the fact that it has something or the other for everyone in the offering. Be it aged, youth…

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Top 7 Google Nexus 7 Competitors

If you go out to market, you can find thousands of phablet devices to choose from. In recent times, this technology has grown so much and every single company wants…

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Galaxy beam

Samsung Galaxy Beam Review

Samsung has released something that will make you sit up and take notice – The Galaxy Beam. Samsung is still trying to create a market for projector phone. The first…

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computer perfomance

How to Improve Your Computer’s Performance

A computer performs marvelously well when it is brand new. But with the passage of time, its performance is getting worse as frustrating as dealing with a sluggish, slow computer….

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