Designing and Development of an Attractive Website

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Web designing and web development are commonly used in the same meanings but there is fundamental difference between web designing and web development. Web designing is all about what user see on website while development deals with the tools that make the website function.

A website contains many technical aspects. In designing, graphics, color scheme, navigation, content .etc are involved while in development involves many interactive features and infrastructure that makes the website function according to desired program.

In designing, the outlook and feel of the website are important because right combination of the colors and contrast makes the feel and appearance of the website attractive and put pleasant effects of user to stay on website or to recommend to others. Designing department of the website involves professional web designers who choose the colors, fonts and layouts for website. A graphic designer must be creative with rich sense of aesthetic to choose distinct yet attractive combination of colors, images, font etc for all the pages of website. All the colors, design and content should convey and strengthen the soul and spirit of the product or service about which website is all about.

The next very important about the website is content. The content of the website should be lucid, precise, comprehensive and strong to portray the real purpose of the website. There are many websites that we see don’t have the effective content. Such website despite many good things in designing and development don’t yield the desired results because its content is either incomplete or confusing. Graphic designer only put the content on right places but they don’t right it. Most of the companies provide the content themselves and that content are often found very technical and detailed which confuse the common user.

The development side of website involves technical aspects of the website. Through development, the features of the websites are created according to the demand of customer and for the facilitation of the user. The functionality of the website includes interactive aspects that involve the technical programming to run the website efficiently. The web development is very important to keep the website smooth and operative. All the functions of the website depend on the development and features like animation, flash are purely work of the development. The animation is very attractive feature and attracts the user very much. It conveys the message of the website in a very effective way. In development many programming languages like java script, php etc are used. These technical programming requires professional experts who could use such languages in an effective way.

The website is the face of the company. It is the place, where people get basic information about the company and the first impression of the viewer plays very important role in his decision making. Website is analyzed in viewer perspective.

If the website is good enough for the user then it would be appreciated because the ultimate purpose of the all websites is to make impress and facilitate the user. If website fulfils this purpose and help the company in its sales then is great.

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