10 Best Features Of Window 8

windows 8

Windows 8  is the latest version of operating system by Microsoft. It is developed with numerous great features and has become popular in very short time. Windows 8 Features include amazing speed, functionality, and user interface & more.

Here are the 10 Best Features of Windows 8:

1. Supports Touch Screen Devices: User interface of Windows 8 is very good. Along with the desktop interface, it also supports all touch screen devices.

2. Task Manager: In Windows 8 task manager has been divide in to two: simple and detailed task manager. Simple task manager is used for the basic tasks whereas detailed task manager carries the information about RAM, CPU and apps.

3. Booting Speed: Windows 8 takes fraction of seconds to boot up. It provides faster booting speed than any other operating system and saves time of a user.

4. Start-up screen: Start-up screen of Windows 8 provides the facility of resizing the icons and titles, which actually helps in saving the space on the screen. Resizing also makes thing clearer and better.

5. Tool Bars: Windows 8 allows a user to access the tool bar quickly. Fast accessing helps in improving the performance of the system and saves the time as well.

6. Swapping features: Windows 8 has enabled the features of swapping. Firstly, it allows a user to get in to the system by using their images, which can also be defined as password verification to the system. Secondly, it allows the data exchange or swapping between two devices. The data may be a document file, image, music file or anything else.

7. Speedy USB backup: It offers USB 3.0 support that makes data transfer faster and easier. It also allows operating your account from another Windows 8 device.

8. Applications: Windows 8 supports various advanced apps that make the operating system more reliable and feasible; specially, when it is used in a smart phone or accessed through a tablet. It also allows resizing of the application window, if required.

9. Alerts: One of thebest feature of Windows 8 operating system is its notification or alerts on security threat as well data usage, which is very new to any of the O.S. It really saves time of a user, as they do not need to track or maintain the detail of data usage.

10. Offline Benefits: The best part of Windows 8 is that it also provides several good features even if the user is offline. Availability of offline map is one among them. It also offers very good functionality and can be customized according to the requirement.

Windows 8 Software plays a vital role in optimizing the mentioned features. The advanced in built software of Windows 8 supports the top applications that are specially designed for Windows 8. Windows 8 Software has made the operating system popular and technically good. It also supports every advance feature of this newly developed operating system. Switch to the brand new operating system and utilize both your time and money.

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