10 Ways of Earning Money Online

Make Money Online

If you have lost your job and are going through some tough time, you must have thought of making money by working online from home. This is the reason why many people want to learn new ways of making some extra money by working online either full or part time.

Here comes in the role of World Wide Web. Today the Internet is playing a significant role in shaping people’s business as they employ people online for sharing some tasks. This gives the people an excellent opportunity to earn money.

Here are 10 ways of earning money using World Wide Web

Taking up Paid Surveys

This does not require specific skills and experience to begin with. One must be sure to join legitimate sites. Filling up surveys takes up a maximum of 45 minutes and depending on the topic and the length, one can earn around $75 for every survey completed.

Fiverr Seller

Fiverr.com is a new freelancing site where the services are offered just at $5. It can be like writing Fiverr songs, drawing cartoons, wearing t-shirts having the logo of the buyer etc. The registration does not cost a penny and the profile gets activated immediately.

Getting Paid for Programs

GPT sites can be referred as loyalty online programs where one gets paid for doing different things like sign up for any free website, subscribe to newsletters, read emails, shop online etc. One can earn from $0.25 – $30 for completion.

Writing for Blogs

There are bloggers paying others to write posts on their behalf. One can contact the blog owners and enquire if they are interested in letting you to write for them.


It is the commonest way today people are making extra money. Be it a programmer, writer, translator or writer one can simply be a freelancer. One can work both full and part time. One can display their portfolios so that clients can contact them also.

Amazon Mechanical Turk

One can earn by getting work on MTurk which is a part of Amazon.com offering different varieties of projects for freelancing. The tasks are generally simple but pay low. However, the amount of task done finally adds up to a huge sum.

Mystery Shopper

Mystery shopping is some type of research for performance evaluation of companies like retail stores, hotels and restaurants. One can earn by shopping at a specific store and thus report the experience either via a questionnaire or by conversing on the phone with the agent.

Post on Forums

Forums are common places online where people having similar viewpoints can comment on the subject they like. One can earn by posting on such forums.

Selling on eBay

One can put up the things which are unusable for selling on eBay. One can also purchase from flea markets at cheap rates and resell on eBay with a profit.

Using Craigslist

Craigslist might be a good opportunity to make fast money if one knows the best way to use it. One can put up free ads and offer the service for a small fee.Above mentioned are some legitimate ways in which one can earn online. One must be very careful while taking up any of the ways.

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  1. Well written post in simple language. Nice earning ways, thanks for sharing! Now a days, people are searching for the ways to earn money online without investment. This would help them to make income at spare time. Keep writing for newbie bloggers!

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