Top 5 Must-have Plugins for Wordpress

Top 5 Must have Plugins for WordPress Blogs

  Plugins are the ones which empower a Blog to a great extent and enhance the experience for the visitors and also for the authors and admins.Here,I have listed the…

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Sites to create Conact forms

Sites to Create Contact forms for your Blog

Contacting is an important and a necessary item which is needed in every site . The Visitors who visit your Website , if they need to contact you for any…

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Google Sitelinks Condtions

How to get Google Sitelinks to appear for your Blog?

You would have noticed that when you Google for some keywords and you find sites would have Google Sitelinks.What are Google Sitelinks first of all? Google Sitelinks are the links…

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Best Google Doodles Ever

Best Google Doodles Ever!

Google Logos are being changed during Special Days Since 2000 . Want to have a look of the Best Logos of Google Doodles . Here are the Best Google Doodles…

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SD Card

Move Files from Internal Memory to SD Card in Android 2.1, 2.2, 2.3+

The Most worrying feature in Android 2.1 is We can’t move files from Phone Memory to Memory Card . But in Android 2.2 This feature is supported . If you…

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