How to get Google Sitelinks to appear for your Blog?

Google Sitelinks Condtions

You would have noticed that when you Google for some keywords and you find sites would have Google Sitelinks.What are Google Sitelinks first of all? Google Sitelinks are the links which appear below a particular Site .Confused? Look at the Below Image or Google some famous sites like Twitter, Facebook, TechCruch, Digg.

Example : Google Sitelinks appearing for

Google search result showing sitelinks

Conditions to make Google Sitelinks to appear for your Blog:

Site Submission:
Your Site must be submitted to Popular Search engines like Google , Yahoo , Bing .

Error Free Site:
Your Site must be free from HTML and CSS Errors and proper meta tags must be inserted . To know the usage and inserting steps of meta tags click this link . Check your Site’s HTML Errors and Check your Site’s CSS Errors.

Internal Links:

Internal Linking is a Best Part of a Site which increases your Page views , but Over Internal Linking isn’t good for SEO . For one blog post, you can include 3-4 links of your recent/old posts.

Blog’s Age:

Google says a site must be 1-2 years old and should have a domain name .But many Sites have Google Sitelinks within 4-5 months of the Site’s Creation. Anyway when the other conditions are fulfilled automatically you would get Google Sitelinks. If possible, Renew your Domain for many years, which will increase your Blog Trust in Google.

Easy to Navigate : Your Site must be ease of access . The Visitors should not feel discomfort which navigating throught your site.

Other factors for Google Sitelinks for your website:

Things to Avoid :

  • Forcing to Click Ads by putting Ad Banners
  • Ads inside images when hovered
  • Infolinks
  • Alert Boxes
  • Over Loading Time
  • Floating Ads should be Avoided!

Things you Should have:

  • A Neat Simple Search Box
  • Less number of Ads

PageRank :

Your Site should have a minimum of PageRank 2 . Increase your Sites PageRank by the visibility of your Site in other’s Site . (Backlinks) .

Sitemap Submission :
Submission of your Sitemap to Google Webmasters is an important factor for Google Sitelinks. To submit your Sitemap to Webmasters first login and after verifying your site . Left side you can find Site Configuration > Sitemap > Submit Sitemap > And your Sitemap Link.

Your website should be ranked first position for a search term. And that Term would be displayed in your Google Sitelinks. An Important thing your website ranking must be very stable for that search term. When the above Conditions are fulfilled your Site would get Google Sitelinks. Though, these tips are not guaranteed, these Google Sitelinks Tips are the major factors for Google Sitelinks.

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