Best Google Doodles Ever!

Best Google Doodles Ever

Google Logos are being changed during Special Days Since 2000 . Want to have a look of the Best Logos of Google Doodles . Here are the Best Google Doodles Ever.

Jul 04, 2011  US Independence Day – (US) :
Best Google Doodles Ever

Michael Jackson’s Birthday

MJ Doodle

Mar 01, 2010 St. David’s Day – (UK) 

St. David's Day


World Water Day Special

Water Day Doodle

Apollo 11 Lunar Landing Anniversary

Apollo Doodle


DC Comics Special
DC Comics Doodle

 Jan 01, 2010 Happy New Year 

Happy New Year

Historical Long Solar Eclipse

Eclipse Doodle

 Nov 14, 2008 Children’s Day – (India)

Children's Day

Missing Link Fossil Discovery

Discovery doodle
Jan 01, 2003 – Happy New Year
Happy New Year

Jun 27, 2009 Seven Sleepers Day – (Germany)
Seven Sleepers Day
Jun 21, 2009 Father’s Day

Father's Day

May 27, 2009 UEFA Champions League Finale

UEFA Champions League Finale


Jun 09, 2011 Les Paul’s 96th Birthday 

Les Paul's 96th Birthday

Veteran’s Day – November 12, 2008



Large Hadron Collider Special

Hadron Doodle


Martha Graham’s 117th Birthday

Earth Day – Apr 22, 2011

160th Anniversary of the first World’s Fair – May 1, 2011

Martha Graham’s 117th Birthday

That’s It ! Here are the Best Google Doodles since 2000. To know all GoogleDoodles which were published since 2000 . Go to And that’s it for today, these are the Best Google Doodles Ever as of my choice, if I had missed any, shoot the Best Google Doodle in the comment box.

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