Apple Loses Patent Lawsuit

Apple Loses a Series of Patent Lawsuits in UK

Apple has just lost a number of key patent lawsuits in the United Kingdom against its Android competitors Samsung and HTC. Last week Apple had three of its most cherished…

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The Sleek and Slender HTC One S

HTC is one of the hottest smart phone manufacturers around and their latest range has definitely lived up to all expectations surrounding their name. Announced earlier this year at the…

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iPhone 4S Photography Who

iPhone 4S – Photography Who?

Perusing magazines online, using our Kindles to read fifty different books at once, and now using our smartphones to take artistic and somewhat pretentious shots of our pets – it’s…

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Motorola and Android make an Impact

Motorola and Android Make an Impact

Motorola enjoyed renewed success in the phone market during 2011, capitalising on its once famous RAZR brand that embodied ultra slim, attractive devices and managed to re-establish Motorola as a…

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