iPhone 4S – Photography Who?

iPhone 4S Photography Who

Perusing magazines online, using our Kindles to read fifty different books at once, and now using our smartphones to take artistic and somewhat pretentious shots of our pets – it’s safe to say that technology is transforming us into highly articulate tech-lovers. So where do we draw the line?

Gone are the days where talented and professionally-trained photographers would agonise for hours over finding the perfect subject matter, composition and natural light. With the introduction of programs such as Photoshop, you can simply tweak a semi-decent photograph until it resembles a work of art with a few clicks of the mouse. And thanks to the iPhone 4S, there’s never been a better time to be a snap-happy photographer.

With an 8 megapixel sensor, noise reduction and image stabilisation built in to the phone, the user is presented with a simple – some may say dummy-proof – point and shoot device to contend with. When you add to that the multitude of apps that are available, either for free or in exchange for a small sum, the possibilities are endless.

Currently, there are at least two hundred and forty photography apps available, each with a range of dazzling properties. One of the most popular apps for the iPhone is Instagram. Although not as stylistically impressive as some others, it does provide the user with various snazzy effects to automatically adjust the lighting and tone of an image with just one touch, making even the simplest shot that little bit more interesting. Instagram then posts your image to its newsfeed, giving the user the opportunity to gain tens of thousands of followers from a single tasteful image of an empty litter tray. Culture at its high point, I’m sure you’ll agree. Not only that, but you can link your Instagram profile to your personal Facebook and Twitter feeds, sharing said litter tray image with your nearest and dearest, and that creepy kid you knew at school who you haven’t spoken to in ten years. Because make no mistake: he would love to know what you’re getting up to, and compliment you on your superlative photography skills.

iPhone 4S Photography Who

There are also numerous apps that allow you to combine your images in to tasteful and interesting collages by simply selecting them from an album, all on the iPhone. No need for silly outdated things like scissors and glue which, let’s face it, in a few years’ time the younger generation will have probably never even heard of.

There are even apps in existence that turn our simple family snaps into vintage, polaroid-esque masterpieces. How strange that in a society in which we crave technological advancement for our mobile phones, we still yearn for retro photos.

Yes, the photographical capabilities of the iPhone 4S are enormous, and I have even heard on the grapevine that it is capable of making phone calls! The possibilities are endless and, if Apple has happened to miss something, as the old saying goes; there will almost certainly be an app for it.

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  1. Well there are many speculations about the phone because it is not as good as the first iPhone release. In commercial the photography of the phone is quite good because you can edit it. However, the others is not as good as the photography section, maybe the company must improve it more.

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