3 Hacks to make an Awesome Business Presentation in no time!

Business Presentation

Business presentations are equivalent to a romantic date. Your client is your probable significant other. Your aim is to make a killer impression to your client and sell him your services. You must slay the presentation in order to gain that valuable customer.  In today’s highly competitive corporate world, you’ll often find yourselves no time for being meticulous about your presentation. Most people produce mediocre slides and end up giving a lousy presentation. But, you shouldn’t have to be mediocre.  Today, we’ll giveaway three hacks you can use to optimize your time and energy without compromising on your presentation slides.

  1. Use the famous Guy Kawasaki rule: The popular 10/20/30 rule can be your savior when you’re in a hurry. 10 slides, 20 minutes and 30 size of font is found to be the most succinct way to present. Rule number one of presentation is to never bore your audience. Most people do this with ridiculous amounts of text and a sane person cannot digest that amount is data in a limited time. Rule two is to not cross the twenty minutes mark with your presentation. You have to let the audience ask questions, in fact any interested client will ask you many questions. Rule three is to use the size 30 font which forces you to use less text and more imagery. Text should be as minimal as possible. In fact, the client should want to know more about your business and services after the presentation is done, so make sure you make an effective presentation. He will do so in the form of questions.
Business Presentation
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  1. Outsource the slide design to a dedicated firm: You should focus on the content and the pitching. Do not waste your time and energy worrying about the aesthetics. Outsource it to a company whose core business is doing designs. Nobody does it better than them. A minimalistic background design is the most effective for business presentations simply because it reflects that you mean business. It doesn’t focus on gimmicky animations and designs that kids and students often tend to use. Your design should not distract the observer. It should catch hold of his attention and never let go. The more simple and more formal it looks, the better. Most companies that offer business presentation slides have templates and custom made designs for you to use. All you need to do is copy and paste. They are designed by experts and it just makes your work free of hassles. They, ultimately help you create more value through your content. You can make use of SlideCamp presentation template to have your presentation done.
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  1. Sell your service by telling a story through your slides: Your presentation should tell a story. Identify a problem in your industry and come up with a solution or service. Magnify the problem and show its annoyances. Your slides should be able to do this effectively. Make use of audio or video in your PowerPoint to sell the message. Highlight your previous successes and also, your unique offerings compared to the competition. Make sure the client is satisfied with the presentation. Ask for his feedback at the end. Structure your slides revolving around your message. Make sure you have a consistent and coherent look throughout the PowerPoint so that the message is clear without any distractions. Most of the themes and effects that come default with PowerPoint or Keynote are not upto the mark. It would be a worthy investment if you could find some design company that specializes in business presentations. It will pay off in the long run.
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Acing in business presentations is a big deal in the corporate world. It can make or break your relationships with clients, which is the ultimate goal. A satisfied client is the secret of a successful business. These hacks are tried and tested and can be used to your professional growth. The 10/20/30 rule makes sure you’re not wasting your time on too much text and useless animations. It also emphasizes on content with bigger font size. Less is more and this certainly holds true in this matter. Once you have the content and text ready, your next step is design of the slides. Most people waste their valuable time on this. Hiring or using the services of a slide designing company is proven to be effective with professionals designing your slides. It saves you tons of time which you can dedicate to preparing for your talk and honing those presentation skills.

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