What are the upcoming cloud computing trends?

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Over the years, it has been a constant discussion as to whether or not cloud computing would stick around. Some said it was just a phase, some said that it was the shiny new toy that would soon be replaced, and others said it would only continue to evolve. Those who believed in the ladder are being proven right, as cloud computing plays a vital role in how many companies, and the technology space in general, function.

We have seen new players enter the space, processes be streamlined in ways that were once unimaginable, and costs for cloud users be significantly reduced. So what can we expect to see in the future with the ‘cloud’? Here are some of the upcoming trends in cloud computing.

AWS remains the first choice for public cloud users

AWS, otherwise known as Amazon Web Services, will remain one of the biggest players in the cloud computing market. About 38% of companies have over 100 virtual machines in AWS, while only 21% have that same amount in Azure. Therefore, it’s important to have a good knowledge of AWS. Luckily, there are a few educational providers such as Cloud Academy that offer AWS certifications and courses. Even though AWS remains a main player, it won’t be so alone in the next year. Other platforms, such as Microsoft Azure, are slowly gaining more market share. As AWS maintained 57 percent of respondents last year, Microsoft Azure, for example, grew from 20 to 34 percent.

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The future of the cloud will be mobile

The use of mobile devices is increasing, even in the business world. As professionals and users across the globe are attached to their devices, there is a great demand to have quick access to information. Mobile usage requires flexibility, which means that the cloud will be used a lot with mobile phones. Having access to data anywhere and anytime enables professionals to be on the go yet still be able to work. It will continue to increase efficiency and employee satisfaction, as tasks do not have to be completed sitting at an office desk.

Cloud Security Concerns

Security is becoming increasingly important. Unfortunately, IT breaches are becoming more common, making security a priority for cloud providers to include with their service offerings. People are afraid of putting their data up on the cloud so naturally, it is expected that cloud providers take additional steps to protect customers. The more protection that providers offer their customers, the more secure their customers will be with their decision to move their data to the cloud. As more and more customers share their experiences with others, cloud providers have the opportunity to show their trustworthiness and reach even wider audiences.

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When it comes to cloud computing, it seems that anything is possible. As more doors continue to open and the connection between those in the space strengthens, it is an exciting time for cloud professionals and users involved, at the same time the Cloud Security increases too. As the rate of cloud adoption increases, we look forward to seeing what comes next.

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