4 Gadgets that are changing the way we live

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It’s a given that technology has changed the way everyone goes about their day. Smartphones, tablets, GPS systems in the car, e-readers: All of these are part of the daily routine. Now people carry a computer in their pocket, access data anywhere, read books without ever buying a physical copy, and keep a closer eye on fitness. Some may argue that all this technology makes life more complicated, but when used right, technology makes life easier. Following are four gadgets that are changing the way we live our daily lives.


When they first arrived on the scene, tablets were known as tertiary, or third, devices. Tablets bring together the elements of the desktop and the smartphone into a single portable and convenient device. Users now have the ability to access their activities on a unit that functions like a computer and has a screen larger than a cell phone, thus combining the best of both worlds. It’s possible to sync up a tablet to the desktop through the use of software and cloud services, then access the information via a Wi-Fi or cellular connection.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 Hands-on

The portability of the tablet means it functions as a laptop for those who don’t need the power of a PC. No hauling around a heavy bag on flights or in the car; the tablet does it all and with much more convenience.


When it’s paired with a Samsung Galaxy S6, a smartwatch speeds up the decision-making process to merely a glance, eliminating the need to pull out the phone every time there’s an alert. Although the Galaxy’s large HD display makes it easy to do almost anything, it may not be convenient to do so at any given moment, and a smartwatch gives you an immediate yet covert link to help you decide what to do and when.

A smartwatch is essentially a Dick Tracy device come to life. In the 40s and 50s, the famous comic strip detective wore a two-way wrist communicator which was considered science fiction in its day. Fast-forward a few decades, throw in miniaturization and touch screen technology, and we have the smartwatch to go with the smartphone.

Apple Smartwatch

When it comes to buying a smartwatch, choose wisely. Make sure that it comes with all (but not more) of the features you want. Some smartwatches have a speaker and microphone for phone calls, but when you can pull out your smartphone to talk on when it’s convenient, do you really want to do that with your watch?

Fitness Trackers

These devices are a category unto themselves. They take the place of the pedometer and feature watch that tracks distance and activity. The fitness tracker puts all of this together into a small, wristwatch-sized unit that uses GPS and accelerometers to track activities such as running, walking, and even weightlifting. It also logs how many calories get burned during activity, and, don’t worry, it even tells time! These devices are making a mark in the field of Healthcare.

Fitness Tracker

Trackers are not just standalone items, however. They sync up with apps on the smartphone and software on the computer, creating a database of activity that’s viewable at a glance. Slacked off somewhere? Use the information to make up for it the next time at the gym.


These may seem a strange choice to include, but they are useful. Drones usually have a camera connected to them for viewing the terrain or finding lost objects, pets, or even people. It’s easy to learn how to pilot a drone from your smartphone and follow it from its video feed. Use the camera feature to make movies or use it as part of a search-and-rescue operation. Drones go where people can’t easily reach, making for unique movie scenes and retrieving items thought lost for good.


Gadget technology streamlines daily life by making it easy to access information, communicate with others, and find entertainment. Take the time to learn how each gadget works in order to use all of its features. Learning to use a gadget to its fullest eliminates frustrations and makes it an invaluable partner for day-to-day living.

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