Ubuntu Phone – the New sensation!

Ubuntu Phone

Ubuntu is a distro or distribution of Linux, which is nothing but the version of OS that has its foundation on Linux kernel. The main objective behind bringing Ubuntu to life was to provide the users as well as the developers a free software platform. The company who distributes Ubuntu doesn’t charge anything for their operating system; instead they make their money by providing the commercial support that is required for their products.

Ubuntu is a free OS that you can install on your PC just by visiting the official website and downloading the operating system from there. But, make sure that when you are downloading it, you have a USB or a CD handy, so that you can save the operating system in there. Now that you have installed Ubuntu on your PC, let’s see how Ubuntu Photo works?

Ubuntu Operating System

Ubuntu OS Features

Once you start using the Ubuntu Operating System you will be able to access the huge range of free apps that are present in there. With the help of these free apps you will be able to edit, manage and share the photos of yours. It supports cameras and also the phones, therefore, you won’t have to take the headache of an extra driver in order to get going with this.

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What to expect in Ubuntu Phone?

You will get the Ubuntu phone at a 4.5 inch display and the resolution is also of high quality. If you are worried about the screen getting scratched, then don’t worry, it is protected with Dragontrail glass to save you from the woes. You will be enjoying 1.3GHz Media Tek Processor along with 1GB of RAM. When it comes to the camera, then it won’t disappoint you because it is stuffed with 8MP rear camera and 5MP front camera.

Ubuntu Phone

Moreover, you will also get LED flashes more than one that is you will have 2 flashes out there helping you to click perfectly. It has only 8GB of internal storage and yes it might disappoint some users, but there is good news too. It has a microSD slot that will help you in extending the internal storage to a maximum limit of 32GB. If you go by the looks, then there is a whole lot of room for improvement, but as a first timer it hasn’t performed very badly either.

Access to Different Features

Once you land up in the Ubuntu Software Centre, you will find tools like Inkscape or GIMP that will be a great help for you. Moreover, you might also take the help of some apps that will help you in sorting the albums, automatically by the date, category, folders or even file size. Then you can create your own calendars or slideshows or put on the creative hat and go about creating something new with the help of the apps that are present in there. There is a buzz already in the market about the new OS, so people are waiting to see whether they will be receiving something new or not. It is said that the contents that the users utilizes on a daily basis will be made available at fingertips, so that they don’t have to wander around in the grid of apps that are commonly found in smartphones.

Ubuntu OS Features

Prioritization of contents and apps will be done by scopes. If you love to make use of apps, then here is good news for you, now you will be able to access the apps just swiping to the right. It has quick launcher that will be stuffed with all the favorite apps of yours. They are also trying to get you some of the top apps from the word go, like Facebook, Dropbox, Twitter, etc.

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  1. I noticed that every week there are many different smartphones released. Some might confused of what to choose. For me, I look on the quality and the features also. Thanks for sharing this new Ubuntu phone.

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