What’s New in the Ubuntu Phone OS?

Ubuntu Phone OS

Ubuntu’s operating system for mobiles is announced, and is creating a tremendous buzz. Ubuntu announced the linux based operating system, which can power up Android or any smartphone into a full featured Desktop PC. Something akin to what Ubuntu PC could do with your phones earlier. Ubuntu Phone is set to revolutionize Smartphone software with its appealing interface and the package is aptly christened Smartphone.

Completely Unrelated to “Ubuntu For Android” Software

It’s quite probable that the reader could associate Ubuntu for Android with Smartphone. However, that’s impossible because those two are completely different pieces of software! While Ubuntu for Android logs you into Ubuntu after connecting the Android handheld to a big screen, the Smartphone is exclusive OS software that gives you the capability to login to Ubuntu on the handheld’s small screen itself.

Ubuntu’s new software does not use JVM (or Java Virtual Machine) as Android does. The Ubuntu Phone OS uses Native Code QT and HTML5 to deliver apps that can perform faster on the same hardware on which Android is sitting. It’s possible by latching-on the Ubuntu software with the Android Kernel and its Drivers, enabling even Android devices to run Ubuntu. It was demonstrated with the popular Galaxy Nexus device. And no, the new Ubuntu Phone OS announced cannot run Android apps on it.

Ubuntu Phone OS
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Ubuntu Mobile OS: Unlike Any Mobile OS

Smartphone supports a Desktop-like interface which is not found on any other mobile OS. It’s appealing, clean and innovative.
For instance, the ubiquitous thumb gesture from any edge of the phone screen helps you switch between apps faster. Left swipe to open the launcher to choose a new app and right swipe to choose from apps already open on the phone! Life gets easy, as you don’t have to open the entire list of apps every time just to open one. And that definitely gives a very clean look to the interface.

Okay, the Notification Bar is just about the same as on Android but its Universal Search bar is all quite different again. This search bar picks up results from multiple sources while intelligently choosing the sources and the results from them that you are most probably looking for.

The Targeted smartphone Users

The functionality of the new Ubuntu Phone OS announced gives an impression that it is for the Enterprise user. It provides support and many inbuilt apps for business and online marketing . The CEO of Ubuntu however clarified that Smartphone’s appeal permeates beyond Enterprises and Linux fans. Its stylish interface and superior performance would appeal to all basic smartphone users for browsing, texting, calling and email with its proprietary core apps

Timelines to Market

Ubuntu phones are expected to hit the market by 2013-end to early-2014, although no operator or maker has been announced for it yet.

Ubuntu Smartphone: Set to Redefine the Smartphone Market

That the smartphone becomes a computer with the new Ubuntu Phone OS announced, is a powerful idea, with great appeal in the market. The response has been tremendous and has built up anticipation for it. But Ubuntu is still to find manufacturers and select operators to bring it to market. Developers also need to bring out a huge collection of apps for both the enterprise user and the smartphone consumer.

Yet, there are very strong vibes in the air that Apple and Android have a powerful contender to compete with by the end of the year.

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