Best DSLRs for Video and Film Making [2014]

DSLR Film making

DSLRs are no more used only for clicking pictures; instead it is now used for taking videos as well. Due to this reason, even the video quality of the DSLRs has also improved significantly and even the entry level DSLR will provide you with great video performance. Manufacturers like Canon and Nikon have already started serving their users with video enabled DSLRs with screens that can flip out as well enjoy an improved autofocus.

Some of the best DSLRs for video

Gone are the days when the big sensors or the interchangeable camera lens were not able to shoot the moving images, but times have been changing rapidly and now you can easily use the DSLRs for video as well.

Nikon D90:

So, Nikon D90 can easily be termed as game changer in this market. You will enjoy such a high quality filming of moving images through DSLRs that now many independent film – makers go for the DSLRs for shooting their short films without any major glitches.

Nikon D90

Giving competition to Nikon is the Canon’s EOS 70D. It provides you with smooth operation and autofocus, while recording video whereas for clicking still pictures, it allows you to use the optical viewfinder.

Nikon D5200:

Nikon D5200 is one DSLR that comes with 24.1 MP sensor, panorama modes, full HD 1080 pixel and for shooting tough angles you will have flip out screen along with 39 focus points which is automatic in nature.

Nikon D5200

The best part of this DSLR is that it weighs only 17.8 ounces, so you won’t find it hard to hold and shoot for long hours.

Canon EOS 6D:

Canon EOS 6D is one full frame DSLR for video which will be within your budget and if you were looking for something which will be high on performance, but will be low on cost, then this will definitely would be the one for you.

Canon EOS 6D

Another DSLR for video from the flagship of Canon is the Canon EOS 5D Mark III and the best thing is that it is considered as one of the best video DSLR in the market nowadays. Video production is its forte and Canon as usual offers a wide range of high quality lens that you can choose from.

Nikon D750:

Nikon D750 is the DSLR with 24.3 MP FX format sensor for image where you will get full HD quality video with 1080p which has continuous focus.Nikon D750 Due to these features, you can use this DSLR for professional video recording easily and even the image quality is equally high as well at an affordable range.


There is a long list of DSLRs that will help you with high quality video recording as well, so you just have to do your research well and opt for the one that suits your requirements as well as your budget. Nikon and Canon are the best known names in the market of a DSLR, so you can try one of the different models that they have come up with. Professional or entry level, whatever your preference is, you will get one for yourself quite easily.

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