Cool Facebook Tricks and Secrets you need to know

Facebook Tricks

Facebook is the biggest social network site which is growing day by day. Many users are already registered in Facebook and I think you are also a registered User in Facebook. Facebook is really a cool site which helps you stay connected with your friends and family on the go. There are many features which helped the device to stand out of the competition. If you are a regular user at Facebook then you may get bored at some point of time and to kill your boredom we present you the Best Facebook Tricks. Also learn how to create Social network with BuddyPress. There are many Facebook tricks available on the internet and we have collected a list of Top Facebook Tricks which will amaze you. Let’s dive into the guide on Cool Facebook Tricks. We’ve published a similar article listing of all the Google Tricks and Secrets.

1. Disable Facebook Seen from Chat: You all now the seen feature in Facebook chat which is very useful to know whether your friend has checked your message or not. But sometimes it’s annoying in the following situations if you are busy and your buddies are messaging you unnecessarily and when you are trying to avoid your Ex. During those times this trick will come handy.

Facebook Message Seen

There are two methods to Disable this feature One is the UNSEEN application which is available In Facebook and other is in the form of Plugins you can download the plugin from Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.

2. Update Blank Status: Did you ever saw one of your friends updating blank status and you too need the trick to Update Blank Status. We are here to help you to Update Blank Status with this cool trick. You don’t need any plugins or applications to do this task all you need is a small piece of code which is @[3:3: ] just copy paste the code and update your status and Hooray you have updated Blank Status on your Facebook timeline.

3. Download Facebook Album: Did you ever think of downloading your Facebook album though your pictures are safe in your Facebook account it will be good to have a copy of them on your device. You can download the Facebook Album by following this simple trick right on to your desktop. Go to this site. Sign In with your Facebook account ad follows onscreen instruction to Download Facebook Album to your desktop.

Facebook Tricks

4. Watch Free TV: Yeah, you heard it right you can watch news channels and many more channels for free right from your Facebook account which don’t even cost you a penny. I bet that you will also be amazed by watching the live channels go and start Streaming right now from here.

5. Download Facebook Videos: You can find many amazing and heart touching videos on Facebook and if you liked the video you will find it difficult to search for the video every time you want to watch then this trick will become Handy to Download Facebook Videos. All you need to do is go this Link and paste the URL of the video and hit the download button your video will be downloaded shortly. We’ve also made an article on how to download Facebook videos with tutorial.

These are some of the Best Facebook Tricks we mentioned here if you know anything amazing than the above do let us know we will constantly update this guide of Cool Facebook Tricks. Comment below if you know even more Cool Facebook Tricks.

This article is contributed by Ajay Udayagiri who writes on Samsung Galaxy Blog

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