Download Facebook Videos to your Computer

Download Facebook Videos

There are many tools to download videos from Youtube or other video sites in Internet. But you might not be knowing how to download Facebook Videos to your computer. Once, you follow these steps to download Facebook Videos to your computer, you can easily download those lengthy videos and can store it in your computer and you can watch it later.

Download Facebook Videos

Downloading Facebook Videos:

To download Facebook videos using any tool, You can use “downvids” or “downfacebook” sites. If you want to download Facebook videos manually, follow the below steps:

Downloading Facebook Videos using Mozilla Firefox:

-Let the video buffer, and watch the video fully.

-Go to:  C:\ >> Documents and Settings >> USER >> Local Settings >> Application Data >>Mozilla >> Firefox >> Profiles.

-You can find a large size file with some file type.

-Copy that file to your Desktop.

-Rename the file with .flv extension. Eg; LoremIpsum.flv

-Open VLC Media player and browse the file!

Tada! Now, you can watch the video anytime 🙂 Any Doubts, shoot it down in the comment form 🙂


  1. Hey Anirudh, thanks for this, so helpful!

    I needed it from sometime, because there are some pages who share funny videos, which I neeed to thanks for this again 😉

  2. It is very helpful, but I’m not sure that everyone like FF. I think that a lot of people prefer chromium browsers and that’s why I wanted to tell you that I use Torch browser, which is chromium-based, and it takes me no time to download a video off of facebook. It’s the best way I found so far.
    Thx again!

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