21st Century SEO: 5 Top Notch Tips for Modern SEO Marketers!

Modern SEO Tips

SEO, you might be very very well known to this word. I don’t need to explain about this. Well, In order to keep ahead of the competition, you need to ensure that your Internet marketing techniques are up to speed. If you do not adopt new practices or get rid of old ones, you can harm your rankings in Google. So, to save your fabulous website from Google attacks, we have discussed the Top Notch tips for the SEO Experts in this Modern SEO Optimized Internet. Google has changed their ranking standards, without these Modern SEO Techniques, your site won’t be ranking well. Switch from Old SEO Techniques from now on.

Modern SEO Tips

1. Become familiar with Google Penguin and make SEO your ally

Google Penguin is an algorithm update released in April of 2012 designed to lower the rank of websites partaking in black-hat SEO practices. Such black-hat practices include: 

  • Keyword stuffing (Quick tip: Install SEOPressor or any other On-Page SEO optimization plugin to detect Over optimization Warning  in your post content.)
  • Cloaking
  • Duplicate content
  • Link schemes

Google Penguin update

The update is used to help monitor the quality of websites to ensure that the user experience is optimized above all else. While Penguin did not affect every Internet marketer, there are many that potentially lost between 40% to 90% of their traffic overnight once it was implemented. Make use of the Online SEO Tools, they give the best improvement tips for your website which will help you to boost both rankings and traffic.

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2. Become familiar with Social Backlinks

Backlinks are still crucial for ranking websites, although they must be relevant and high quality. Lately, Social media backlinks seem to be all the rage and have proven to help rank websites within search engines.With various new updates and trends, here are social media ranking factors that affect your website:

  • Facebook total likes
  • Facebook shares
  • Facebook comments
  • Facebook links
  • Tweets 

Social Backlinks

What the ranking factors show is that social backlinks currently play a major part in successfully ranking your website. If you do not have a social media campaign already implemented, now is the time to get started.

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3. Become familiar with PPC search and its evolution

With the use of mobile devices dominating the industry, Google had to adjust their PPC module for advertisers accordingly. At one time, advertisers could set up their ads to target mobile devices and desktops separately, although this is now not the case. With so many people using mobile devices for browsing and shopping, Google has scrapped the module and moved on.


If you are a SEO company running ads, you will now need to adjust your bid to a higher amount if someone is searching closer to your location. 

4. Know that Google and Facebook are competitors and how their rivalry can benefit your SEO

Google and Facebook are in a race to best mobilize their platforms in order to capitalize on the mobile trend. Yet, with Facebook’s newest Graph Search, Google is falling behind in its attempt to be the number one search engine. Since Graph Search uses information from your friends to help make searches relevant, it is more personal than what Google offers.

Facebook vs Google

In order to benefit from Graph Search, you need to ensure that your business has both “Likes” and a strong following. Once you achieve such factors, you will be more likely to appear to your friends and followers using the Graph Search feature. 

5. Use Google authorship

If you want to potentially improve your conversion in the SERP rankings, you can use Google to “claim” your content by including a “rel=author” tag in your posts. In order to take advantage of the feature, you will need to have a Google+ page. Additionally, the feature will give an extra personal touch to your posts since your picture will also appear when people find your posts in the SERPs.

Google+ Authorship

By referring to these five tips for modern marketers, you will be more knowledgeable about what is necessary to survive in the online marketing world. Finally, you would have learned the finest SEO Optimization tips, so now why waiting. Start optimizing your website on your own or through any SEO Agency.


  1. Now SEO has changed due to Google Panda and Penguin, if you want to survive then focus on brand building rather than backlinking because if you continuously doing backlinking then Google penalized you and your site. Yah, your tips are effective for us.

  2. Your article seems to cover of the current seo trends, nice one.:-) And With the latest Penguin 2.0 (aka 4) lot of things have changed in seo and webmasters are literally swimming against the tide to get on top of Google.

  3. Excellent points here Anirudh. I so agree with your point on Facebook and Google rivalry. These two giants will kept on battling in gaining user engagement and public trust, and we must use this for our marketing benefit.

  4. Nice Post, i like the point where you explain Google and Facebook thing. But Still regular updating Google Algorithm ruins everything. Initially Google Panda did it, then penguin blacklisted a lot of unethical Black SEO conducts. You don’t know what can come next, maybe Google Polar Bear . . . LOL

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