Old SEO Techniques you shouldn’t use anymore


If you are a website owner and you promote your webpage through SEO (well everyone does), then you might have noticed a change in your traffic since March 2012. And if you have never been affected by Panda or Penguin security updates then you actually don’t need to think about it. Google has recently brought an update to their SEO policy and that’s why many websites are affected; these don’t meet the new SEO criteria and don’t appear in the first pages of search results anymore. Gone those Old SEO days, switch to Modern SEO Techniques from now on.

And these SEO techniques used to provide a lot of traffic from the search engines before 2012. Still many website owners don’t know about the new policy and haven’t brought changes to theirs, these websites are not getting traffic and on the other hand, if they don’t remove these outdated methods then there’s chance that Google might penalize them. We talked about the 7 old SEO techniques that you should evade now.

Directories of the Articles

Ezinearticles, articlebase. etc. are often used for link building of articles. With the release of new Panda security, these directory building websites were hit badly. By searching with terms on Google, you will not notice Ezinearticles that much like before now. So you better be not wasting times on link building, rather pay attention on building a mutual relationship with the other bloggers.


Building Reciprocal Links for Improving SEO:

A popular way of back linking was to share and swap links with different websites. But this system is now outdated so don’t do that. Doing so will send a message to Google that you are using cheap backlinks to get visitors to your website. A visitor clicks on a hyperlink to get some specific article, information or something else; not definitely a stack of links.

Substandard Contents

Your contents should have a minimum standard. Standard and unique contents can easily bring visitors to your website. If you put up garbage like contents that might still bring visitors but you won’t be able to keep them for long. If your contents do not pass plagiarism test, your site will soon be penalized by Google.

‘Keyword Stuffing’

If you keep repeating the same keywords for hundreds or more times then you will be penalized by Google. 2 to 3 percent of keywords are fine; which means the same keyword in each 100 words. Google might not even notice a little more but if it exceeds 50% then you’ll be penalized for keyword stuffing. This was a popular technique before but not anymore.

Automation Tools

Many SEO experts use automated tools for SEO purposes. These tools can create spun contents, maybe spam your website on other websites or whatever, it was used to spread your website. But using these will now put your website rank down and might even put into the limbo where your website won’t even be found.

Google Concentration on SEO:

SEO Optimization your website only for Google? It’s not the only search engine. Manage to get traffic from other websites too. If you run a survey, you might see that you don’t get the whole lot of traffic from Google anyways.

Tactics Implementation without Strategy

To achieve every goal, you need to have a nice strategy. Websites are no difference; you should have a nice strategy that you will strictly follow.


  1. Great post Aniruth , All these topic you have mentioned above shouldn’t to be used anymore. Social Media and blogging , these two are now become most important part of SEO.

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