Travel Apps for Windows Phone

Windows Travel Apps

World’s leading software company has got tremendous success in every aspect it stepped in. But it’s a bitter truth that company is not successful so far in the mobile marketplace. Most of people prefer to go with Android and iOS devices and just pass by the Windows Phone devices. But Microsoft is hoping for the best with its Windows 8 devices.

Anyways, if you are one of them who did not simply pass through the Windows Phone devices, but have purchased them as well, then this article is meant for you as I am listing the best travel apps for Windows Phone.


Planning to visit the place where the mode of conveyance is by air only? If this is so, then FlightAware is must to have app for you. You can check out the best flight deals so as to save maximum on travel. Just set your travel destination and this app will keep track of the fares of airlines going there. The best part is that you can book your air tickets within this app.


The popular travel site has its own app for Windows Phone. You can check out the reviews about the place that you are planning to visit. You can check out the latest travel deals, hotels and restaurants rents. The reviews are done by both users and travel experts. So you can trust on them without any single doubt in mind.

Wiki Talking Tour

Well, if you are going to visit the place for first time, then it’s quite obvious that you will come across many beautiful monuments, building there, but out of your knowledge. Your mind will get filled with the intense curiosity to know about that particular building. This app can help you there. You just need to take the picture of that unknown building. The rest work is of this app. It will fetch the information about that particular building from Wikipedia to make you aware with them. You can also use this app to get the list of most beautiful places near around you, the beautiful places that you should not miss to visit.


Translator travel app comes out to be useful in communication with people who can’t understand your language and whom language you can’t understand. Just use this app, enter the language, set the target language and get the translation done. Voice input is also supported by the latest version of ”Translator’ for Windows Phone.

XE Currency

What if the place you are visiting has different currency? How will you pay charges for the services you use there? For example, how will you pay the bill at restaurant. XE Currency comes out to be like boon in such cases. The app supports all major currencies. The conversion rates are updated daily so that you do the conversion of one currency into another at its latest most up-to-date rate.


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