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Google Renamed the Android Market to Google Play Store before 2-3 Months. Most of the Devices got this Update. But some found that Google Play was missing and the Android Market was still not Updated.

To Update Android Market to Google Play. You can do it manually by downloading the .apk file and installing. Otherwise, following some steps, your device will automatically updates to Google Play.

Method 1 (Manual) :

Step 1 : Download that Latest Google Play Store 3.10.10 : Download

Step 2 : Move the .apk file to your Phone’s Memory Card

Step 3 : Browse the file with your Desired File Manager and tap on it.

Step 4 : The Application Installer will run. Just press “Install”.

Step 5 : If the App doesn’t still appear, Restart your Phone. Still not appeared ? We have another way ! Follow the Second method 🙂

Method 2 (Automatic) :

Step 1 : Go to Android Market

Step 2 : Update all your Apps [Ensure that you have stronger WiFi/Data Connection]

Step 3 : Change the Settings to “Auto Update Apps”

Step 4 : When the Updates are over. Restart your Phone

Step 5 : Now launch the Android Market, you will get a screen like the below one:

Update Android Market to Google Play
Update Android Market to Google Play

That’s it ! It’s Party Time 😀

Features of Google Play 3.10.10 :

  • Force Close Errors fixed.
  • Update Bug has been fixed.
  • Google Ads Issue has been solved.
  • Optimized for Stability issues.

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