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iPhone Google Maps

Recent release from Google, its map app has become a sensation in tech arena. There are speculations in web sphere that it will outrun Apple’s map application, which is a close counterpart of Google’s Map application. Since the moment of release, it has reached in about 10 million times by Apple iPhone devices.

It is the one of its kind application, which has earned the tag of most quickly downloaded apps in Apple app store history. The half-backed mapping application from Apple was somewhere the reason behind such historical reception of Google’s map app.

6 Tips That Will Help You in Easy Navigation via Google App

Pin Your Location

It is very simple to pin a location in this app. You just need to press and hold a location to drop the pin. Further, you can save the location and access street view by tapping the resulting info sheet. It will help you in tagging a particular location as a pin.

Get a Street View of Your Location

You need to press and hold a location and tap on info sheet to get the panoramic view of your location. You will get images the location; you can enlarge them on your device. You will get a look-around icon. Now, you need to tilt your phone to get the better outputs.

Shake your iPhone to Make G-Map Better

Yes, you can make your app better by updating your application individually. For example, you pass through a road, which is not available at Google then you can update the information individually. It will support Google in improving its map application and its users in getting better directions from Google Map. Considerably, you just need to shake your iPhone a bit to update the application.

Find Your Needs by Swiping

You just need to swipe your iPhone a bit to search further. You can swipe info sheet to the left and right to get additional options. It will help you to get the additional information like business hours and contact details of a pinned business organization.

Use Your Two Fingers to Get Street Views

You just need to use your two fingers to tap three dots, given in bottom. It will allow you to get satellite, traffic, and public transit views.

See Your Steps in Navigation (Beta)

You are required to swipe the top bar to left to see the upcoming route in Navigation (Beta) mode. Further, you can also tap the bottom bar. It will help you to navigate from your estimated time of traveling and remaining distance.

Now, Use Your Finger to Zoom

Sometimes, we do not get enough leisure time to cradle our Phone and use two fingers to zoom a particular stuff. In this release, you will be able zoom your map with only one finger. You will need to double tap, hold the second tap, and move your finger up and down to get on the desired location.

Ease Your Travelling With Google Maps

You can set two locations your work place and your home. It will help you to navigate from one position to another in a very comfortable manner.

You can make your Google map experience better by reading above-mentioned tips. It will help you in navigating easily to the location of your desire.

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