Instagram Timeline in 2012


In 2012 :

A year that has seen a rising graph in every aspect as far as online photo sharing and social networking service Instagram is concerned. Recently published data suggest that Instagram has been a top Facebook app for the December 2012. Instagram beat the Farmville-2 for the “most watched app” table of apps data.

  On 3rd April, 2012 :

Instagram for Android has been released, and download tally reaches over a million in less than a day. The move encouraged Instagram to raise 50 million US$ from venture capitalists in the form of shares. Till August, Instagram was rated more than a million times on Google PLAY store. And it’s a remarkable achievement as it is the fifth only app to achieve that mark.

                      In the same year, Facebook made its biggest ever offer of over 1 billion US$ and stocks in addition, for acquisition of Instagram. And in September the deal was officially closed!! Instagram has reached 100 million active users mark in this very year. By May-2012, Instagram has 58 photos uploaded in a second and over a billion photos in total. But, on December 17, 2012 Instagram has updated its Terms of Service revealing its controversial right to sell any uploaded photograph to a third party without notification and/or compensation after 16th January 2013, provoked criticism from every corner.

                       Although having recent fuss over privacy issues, Instagram is far away, on the top in comparison to its nearest competitor Yahoo’s flicker. Mark Zuckerberg promised that Facebook is committed to building and growing Instagram independently instead of dictatorship that is far more common in this very sector. So, Kevin Systrom, CEO Instagram must be all smiling, having a runaway growth of Instagram in 2012 (And also for the deal that netting 400 US$ to him personally according to different reports). There is also a drop (a significant drop of 25% compared to November-2012) in daily active users of Instagram, reveals a strange user pattern, from the same source, apps data. Facebook, a legal owner of Instagram clarifies that the data given on apps data are inaccurate without giving much detailed description.

                         Having a broad vision, we believe that the year 2012 has been a fortune changing year for Instagram. And taking all the factors into consideration Instagram is still topping the table in the overall Facebook apps market as well as in its own segment.

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