GYF- A Gesture Controlled App Launcher for Android

Android Apps, it’s a limitless sea. In a similar segment you may find plenty of Apps. There are certain segments having clear market leaders. I.e. Gesture controlled App launcher is a segment where you can have choices like Flip Launcher and Swift Apps. Yet more and more developers are coming with new apps and also with amazing features. Let us take an example from the segment mentioned above. GYF side launcher is such an app. It has competitors like Swiftapp yet when it comes to userfriendlyness, no one can beat GYF.


Common with other similar apps you can also access GYF regardless of where you are in whole of your Android OS. You have to just swipe from the left edge of your device in order to access GYF app drawer.

The best feature with this very app is that its main UI (User Interface). It does not have any frills, laces, menu and all these things. What you just have is trigger button that you have to tap in order to toggle the GYF service. You may also control the layout of app and notification preferences from app setting screen. You can modify shades and width of layout.

GYF Layout

You can also have privilege to use the notification icon as you want to. It gives user two option.

  1. Notification icon will be present throughout on your screen, and will be briefing to you directly, and choosing this option will prevent certain task managers to close the service.
  2. It’s more aesthetic option that allows you to choose between Notification icon and empty space in place of icon.

Find the app interesting? Unfortunately, it’s not yet available on Google PLAY.

For downloading go to the Link GYF Side Launcher.

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