Advantages of Free Mobile Apps for Business


We have apps for a lot of tasks, these apps are trending, and it is necessary for a business to capitalize on their popularity. You have to be an active user on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter so that you can interact with your consumers or else you can know about the new market trends. Most people nowadays make use of Smartphones to access the web and get their tasks done. Many companies are using Smartphone apps in order to do their jobs and reaching out a worldwide audience.

Most people who access the web with their phone know that a mobile app can help them to get their jobs done easily and efficiently. Many companies have their mobile apps if place so that you can know them in a better way and that they reach out to their users. These apps can be of great help to a company in marketing and generating revenue from the app itself. There are thousands of apps which are available on different platforms that will help you to do many things but most of the times we are looking for a free yet good app. You need to download these apps and use it in the time in order to know more about them. These apps can be used 24×7 and the user can connect to it even without an internet connection. There are apps that are free and others that are paid. There are many free apps that help our businesses in many ways.
Most people would prefer downloading a free app that will help them in their day to day lives. However you need to find the apps that are effective and popular and then download those apps yourself. But most people would be thinking about how we will earn revenue from letting users download our apps for free. Let’s have a look at how free apps can help us in many ways.


Achieving Visibility and Value

A free app will expose your company to a many mobile users. It will help your business in achieving more visibility and if the app is good enough then it will enhance the brand value. So by putting out a free app you will get access to both visibility and brand value. Every time the user opens the app he will see your name and related information, which will help your name to be etched in the minds of the user. This will also help in other marketing strategies because when you see the business’s name outside of the app you will be able to relate to it instantly.

Good Apps will bring more Users

If the app is good enough then there will be more users who would be interested in downloading it. More downloads means more usage that will expose you to more users out there. This will popularize your brand and everyone who uses the app will be able to instantly recognize your brand. If a person uses an app and if he likes it he will forward link to others who are their friends. So more downloads will lead to more exposure.

Heavy downloads and Ads

Once the app is popular and is doing well more people will download it. This is the time where you can have external ads posted to your apps so that you can earn from the free app that users download. More advertisers will be interested in advertising on apps that have a wide reach. This will help you to earn some extra money from the app even though your users will download it for free. It will give you exposure but also an income along with it.

Starting with Paid Versions for Premium Apps

Once your app is doing well then maybe you can start charging for downloading the app. Otherwise you can have an advanced version of the app which will only be available for download at a price. More users will be interested in using a premium version because they have already had a taste of the free version. This will definitely work if your app meets the expectations of the users. After that the word will travel fast and more people would use the paid version.


If you still want to have a free version and do not want to go for a premium version then there are other ways of earning revenue. You can have someone sponsor your app. There are others who have their own apps and are looking out to reach their target audience. They would be looking to enter the market in different ways and so by sponsorship they can get a name for themselves and at the same time you will generate revenue from them.

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