Top 5 Windows 8 Convertibles

windows 8 convertibles

Lately, the tech market has been flooded with convertible devices with the launch of Microsoft Windows 8 OS. These devices have been manufactured by several companies in different shapes and sizes and have one basic trait in common – the touch-sensitive screen of a tablet has been paired with laptop keyboards. The reason is to allow some good entertainment and real work when need for either arises.

Windows 8 Specifications

The new Windows is a drastic change from older versions – the classic desktop and Start menu have been replaced with colorful tiles which come to life with just a click. The size and motion of tiles shows that Windows 8 has been designed while keeping touch-screen devices in mind. Therefore, having a traditional keyboard and trackpad isn’t the perfect combination in a laptop running Windows 8.

The new software has two versions – a complete Windows 8 and the RT version. The full fat version requires high-powered processors, like those found in computers and laptops. However, the Windows RT can work on low-powered processors, which allows it to function on mobile phones, but you wouldn’t be able to download any other desktop software along with it. Similarly, you can install only those apps which are available at the Microsoft app store which really does not give you lot of options.

However, the full fat version of Windows 8 can be installed on any computer or laptop, allowing you to download programs like Adobe Photoshop and also apps from its store. The full version uses the same chips to function in regular laptops – which saves power – but of course you would have to pay a little extra for that. However, like any previous version, the new version of Microsoft Windows also requires effective anti-virus if you want to protect your laptop or tablet from computer monitoring software.

Following are some convertible laptops which run best with Windows 8.

1.    Sony Vaio Duo 11

The Sony Vaio Duo 11 has features which blend beautifully with the specifications of Windows 8, including its tiled interface. Users can enjoy videos on a Full HD screen, and make use of a slide-away keyboard – highly easy to use – besides other powerful specifications. This laptop can be purchased for $2,500.

2.    Dell XPS 12

This laptop can be transformed into a tablet by flipping its 12-inch screen. The basic features of this tablet include a great screen display, a fine exterior and high performance. With these features you can buy both a laptop and a tablet in one price, which is $1500.

3.    Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 13

If you are looking for a Windows 8 tablet, then you can easily get one by flipping your laptop’s screen. Unfortunately, this cannot be done with Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 13. With not enough exciting features, lower definition screen and low performance, this laptop cannot be recommended for Windows 8 hybrid laptops but it works just great as a simple Windows 8 laptop.

4.    Microsoft Surface

This is suitable for people who use Office quite often for their work and otherwise. Although Office it is not compatible with a touch-screen otherwise, you can still get it on these high performance and less expensive tablets, which can be as low as $500.

5.    Toshiba Satellite U920T-108  

This model of Toshiba could be transferred from a tablet into a laptop. However, it is priced high at $1.500 while it does not support any special features like a high resolution screen or high performance.

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