Popular iPad Tips you Must Know


The iPad from Apple is one of the greatest electronic devices of today. Most of you rush to buy one because it is popular and the most preferred tablet, than because you need it. However, now that you own an iPad it is good to know a few tips and tricks that will help use this evolving device fully.

There are several new features that came along with the latest iOS updates that are worth learning about, like the one that lets you download new updates without having to connect the iPad to your PC.


Here are a few tricks worth remembering:

  • Do not cluster your iPad with apps and folders

The latest release allows you to organize your apps and folders and categorize them differently. The iPad will by itself create a new name for the folder which gives you an apt description of the apps the folder contains.

When you wish to create a new folder, all you need to do is place your finger on the app icon and hold until you find all the apps trembling, next, drag the icon onto another app and a new folder is created. New apps can be added to the folder by simply dragging them over to the folder created.

  • Troubleshoot yourself by rebooting

Whenever you had called tech support in the past, you would have noticed that the first thing the tech support rep would have said was to ask you to reboot the system. The truth is that most issues get resolved by simply rebooting. You may reboot the iPad if it suddenly starts slowing down, or if an app mysteriously quits each time you launch it.

However, take care that you do not put it on ‘suspend’ thinking that you are rebooting it. It is easy to reboot – just hold the Sleep/Wake button tight for some time, the iPad will then automatically prompt you to shutdown through a slide button. You will now find that the screen has gone blank, now hold the same button down for some more time and the iPad gets rebooted. The moment you see the Apple logo appear, you can let go of the sleep button.

  • Save the precious battery life

For people who are constantly on the move and even for others who tend to use the iPad continuously, the battery life is very important. One of the best ways to extend battery life is by turning down the brightness. The display actually need not be very bright, thus having a harmful effect on your eyes.

It is easy to turn down the brightness. Simply go to ‘settings’ and select ‘Brightness & Wallpaper’ that you can find on the menu on the left. By moving the slider to the left, you can reduce the brightness. You may set it according to the existing lighting conditions and save a lot of battery life.

  • Find the apps faster

If you are the type of person who likes downloading many apps, you must be having a whole lot downloaded and stored. Each time you need to locate a particular app, you would probably go searching through all the screens to do so. However, there is a shorter and more efficient way to do it.

While you are on the home page at the first screen, you can access the Spotlight Search by just clicking on the home button which will help you locate a particular icon instantly.

These are just some of the helpful tips that you should know about your iPad. It is important that you know how to use your device properly to maximize its performance.

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