What’s new in PowerPoint 2013 ?

powerpoint 2013

What’s new in PowerPoint 2013 ? Microsoft has unveiled the next version of its flagship product, Microsoft 2013, soon after its Windows 8 official announcement. Looks like Microsoft is a on a spree. This time it is revamped for both tablets and computer users.

Various Color Schemes for Templates

Ran out of templates? PowerPoint 2013 is pre-loaded with various templates provided with multiple color schemes. You can apply a color scheme to the existing templates with a click of a button.


Microsoft has chosen to standardize things and encourage uses related to touch screens. The ribbon is hidden by default. For PC users for whom ribbon interface is inevitable can enable the ribbon.The splash screen provides a quick overview of its new features and upgrades. There is a login box at the top right of the screen which enables you to access your Microsoft live account.

powerpoint 2013

Networking and Workspace.

You can keep your contacts and social network connected live through Office workspace. You can get ongoing updates to documents, sites and specific contacts, and send your source of activities and stay connected in real time with your colleagues, with the all new live chat feature in PowerPoint 2013.

You can easily organize your presentation slides into sections to avoid mugging up your content.

Cloud Integration.

The cloud integration feature is indeed the prerequisite to one of the flagship features of Office 2013: the synchronization of documents and activities. for example I can edit a PowerPoint document on my office desktop, then open it from my personal tablet once back home without having to worry about the file transfer.

Video Transfer

Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 provides an intuitive way to export and share videos with your friends and colleagues. You can either export into a video or sync it in your skydrive hosting account and leverage Office 365 to create an embeddable format of your presentations

Merge Shapes

PowerPoint 2013 is equipped with the innovate ‘Merge Shapes’ feature. You can create thousands of new custom shapes by merging two or more default shapes. 

PowerPoint RT 

Office 2013 will be adapted to Tablets running on ARM processors as well. PowerPoint originating from Office RT package will sport almost same features as that of full fledged PC version. RT version package tends to use less than 1000 times the CPU compared to that of PC version.  This cycle of battery will be optimized by the presence of a SoC.It is expected to be released this October ending.

Author Bio: Gautham is a marketing expert and frequent PowerPoint user. He blogs at Free PowerPoint Templates


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