Surface Book or the Surface Pro 4: Which one to choose?

When it comes to a comparison between the surfaces’ it’s a real battle we can say. Microsoft manufactures some of the best in class hand held and convertible tablets in…

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Microsoft HoloLens

Microsoft’s HoloLens changes Interaction With Computers

There’s been a recent push towards virtual-reality with our computing technology these days, starting as long ago as 2011, though VR is by no means new. We’ve been flirting with…

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powerpoint 2013

What’s new in PowerPoint 2013 ?

What’s new in PowerPoint 2013 ? Microsoft has unveiled the next version of its flagship product, Microsoft 2013, soon after its Windows 8 official announcement. Looks like Microsoft is a on…

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Microsoft Tablet War

How Microsoft Lost the Tablet War

When we think of tablet computing as it was before Apple brought us the iPad, most of us probably remember the thick and clunky laptops with removable lcd displays, or…

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Top 7 Upcoming Gadgets of 2012

iPad 3 is voted as the most wanted future gadget for the year 2012. The speculations regarding iPad3 started hovering around from the moment iPad2 was launched. Year 2011 witnessed…

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