Android Technology – A Force To Be Reckon In The Future

Android technology and its applications have been growing in popularity, and many smartphone manufacturers are planning to release smart phones that are based on Android OS. In the last few years, more than 250,000 Android application developers have developed a number of applications using the Android Software development kit. These applications are used for both personal purposes and business purposes.

In the initial days of its existence, Google was the main driving force behind developing Android technology. In due course of time, Google announced an open handset alliance that contained a consortium of 86 smartphone related hardware manufacturers. Some of the factors that have made Android OS more popular than Symbian and Apple IOS are given below.
Major factors contributing to the rising popularity of Android technology.

Attractive User Interface Compared To iOS and Symbian

Android interface come with a number of Navigation buttons across the different screens. Apple iOS comes with only the Navigation option to the home screen. In the case of Android 4.0, navigation options are available in the form of Back, Menu and multitasking buttons.

Processing Speed
Android phones come with dual core processors, and some are already having quad core processors, that are mush faster than the processors used in Symbian and Apple iOS.

Browsing Speed

Compared to the other two smart phone systems, Android comes with smarter applications such as Visual bookmarks that would increase the browsing speed, when the users start to browse using Android systems. Symbian and ios come with complex algorithms that would slow the browsing speeds considerably.

Wide Range Of Application Development

As Android comes with solid backing of Google a number of applications can be developed using Android when compared to the other systems. Application developers have got access to a wide range of Google applications including Google Earth, Google Calendar, Google translator, blogger and Google Chrome. Android Application developers have access to more than 500,000 applications for developing their own custom smart phone applications. Symbian and ios users have access to limited number of applications.

Option To Change The Firmware

Symbian and iOS are tightly integrated to the firmware and device drivers that are provided by Nokia and Apple respectively. This is probably the biggest advantage of Android technology when compared to other operating system of other smart phones. Android is a more or less an open source code, and history shows that, open source coding will advance faster and further when compared to closed and restricted coding in the long run. As for now, Android based applications and firmware is already gaining grounds against its most popular rival, the iOS.

Option Of Using Multiple Screen Keyboards

In the case of Android, application developers have the right to uninstall one driver and install another driver that would support their application development. Using Multiple Screen Keyboards Android enables the users to change keyboard look and feel for different screens within a single application. With one keystroke, users can do multiple operations such as checking a spelling and adding or deleting a word, while Symbian and ios doesn’t provide this flexibility to the users.

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