Top 10 Apps That Every Traveler Would Love


It’s the traveler who is going hi-tech these days. What with apps being developed at the drop of a hat, travel has not been left behind. An app is nothing but a smaller version, or to be precise a fragment of a software. Can anyone break software into fragments? Well, they obviously did and what we have today are the ubiquitous apps that have found uses in every conceivable need. App is actually shortened from the more understandable application, as in software. Though there are several apps one is quite different and distinct from the other.

Let’s take a look at apps favored by the frequent traveler:

  1. TripJournaltripjournalAs the name suggests, the TripJournal is a kind of a ready-to-use logbook that lets you record your trips. It is an android app that faithfully records the destinations one has been to and the images of the pictures taken and the videos shot. It is an excellent aid to fall back on after a hectic trip when you would love to share your experiences with friends and family.
  2. Waze
    The best way to go on a road trip is to be armed with Waze. This excellent navigation aid keeps you informed of the current conditions of the road you are traveling in. You can keep yourself and your friends updated on the diversions (if any), accidents and traps and other hazards a traveler could face.
  3. My Trip RecorderThis app is similar to TripJournal and a great tool to have while you are on the go. All the excitement you experienced can be recorded, including pictures, text and video clippings that you can share with friends and family. You have the option of uploading it directly on to
  4. HotelsNearMeThis app should be really handy for the people on the go. Using your android smartphone you can check on accommodation availability according to your budget and taste. You have an option to choose from over 135,000 entries in over 100 countries.
  5. Where
    Where is like the Swiss army knife of GPS apps. Using your location, Where gives you real-time information on cheap gas, weather forecasts, movie showtimes, restaurant recommendations, traffic conditions, and news headlines. It also allows you to see your friends’ favorite places and get suggestions for where to go together.
  6. Expensify
    You can now efficiently manage your expenses while on the go and make sure you don’t get stranded for want of money. Keep track of all your transactions on your credit and debit cards and even convert them to PDF format to save online.
  7. FlightTrackMake sure you catch that flight! This app helps you get updates on any flight status and other relevant details from airlines worldwide. You know beforehand about ETAs and departures and can plan accordingly.
  8. Talk to Me
    Language need no longer be a barrier when you are traveling overseas. Just carry this speech recognition app and you will be able to instantly translate 7 languages like English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Japanese and Chinese. The translations can be texted and emailed as well.
  9. MaverickBe a roving maverick with this app which is a great navigational aid. It has the works, like offline maps references and a compass, additionally you have access to Bing and Google maps that you can pull up anytime. You certainly won’t get lost when you have this app!
  10. TripIt

    This is one more travel related app that is a great help with travel plans. It helps you stay in touch with your team while on a trip even when you don’t have access to the Internet. You can keep track of flights while on the move.


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