Things You Must Know before Starting Technology Blog

Things You Must Know before Starting Technology Blog

Things You Must Know before Starting Technology Blog

Technology blog started in the late 90s and the phenomenon is growing. Blogging is very much like writing an online journal. Thousands of bloggers post their blogs online every day. Hundreds of bloggers join the blogging technology every day owing to the fact that it is available for free in many sites. However, there are certain things a person must keep in mind before starting off with blogging.

How personal can one get?

A new blogger is always scared to post whatever is on his or her mind as blogs can be commented upon. Not everybody will agree to the views of the blogger. However, the blogger need not be too worried about the comments as everybody has the right to share their own views. It is diplomatic to post one’s views in a manner which is steady but not too forceful. One should be careful not to make any personal comments on any known person, institution or any celebrity. However, all these worries should not make one hold back one’s views. A smart and experienced blogger is diplomatic and says everything without much clear hints or direct references to any person so that it is understood who is referred to but cannot really be proved for sure. Sometimes being ambiguous is not a shortcoming but an art. One does not even need to be too worried about one’s own views as anybody can give their own views. The people reading the blog or commenting on it do not know the blogger personally. Hence, it is no use thinking too much.

Things You Must Know before Starting Technology Blog

Never give away personal information.

One should never include any personal information about oneself or any known person. Sharing information over the blog is as good as inviting trouble. If necessary, the blogger may even use fake names to hide the identity of the people being spoken about. A blogger must always take the permission of the people concerned before mentioning them in a blog. Sharing the full name of a person can also lead to trouble. Hence, using fake names is a common and acceptable practice. One must not share anybody’s address or present school or college names in case the people spoken about are students. One may invent names of work firms instead of using the name of any existing one. Sharing contact number, e-mail address or any such information about anyone else could be included under cyber crime too!

How to keep good traffic?

One must take care to keep one’s blog updated. One should blog on various topics to draw the attention of maximum number of people possible. One should keep checking for comments so that it is more like an interactive session rather than a onetime lecture. The blogs should be versatile and the writing should be fresh and entertaining so that it does not look preachy.

Summary – To sum up, a good blogger should be a good orator who is clear about his or her views and at the same time, careful about the sentiments of the readers. These are the things a person needs to keep in mind before starting off as a blogger.

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