Halloween Windows 7 Themes !

Windows 7

Microsoft has been updating their Windows 7 theme gallery frequently and this time they updated their theme gallery with couple of themes based on the occasions namely, Ghost Town and Dark Skies theme for Windows 7. These themes are quite well illustrated with heavy and contrasting High-Definition wall papers. We felt it would be nice to share this to all our readers and we are sure with the fact that these themes will make your desktop smarter.

1.Ghost Town Theme :

This theme features the vintage castles, weathered, abandoned houses leaking yellow in the spurting sunshine. Further, this theme is named after the infamous Ghost Town of Bodie, California and all the High Definition wall papers were caught in Sepia tone by photographer Tracy Hymas. Here are some scree shots of this unique theme :

Download Ghost Town Theme For Windows 7

2.Dark Skies Theme :

Its dark, its pacific and its mind blowing. Filled with rich dark blue skies spotting out the light black trees and contrasting the skies,Dark skies theme will surely spice up your desktop of your Windows 7. This theme includes the twisted rooted trees, the broken fences, the night flock of birds all caught in dark back grounds. If you love the dark background then this is the perfect theme for you. Here are some of the screen shots of the theme :

Download Dark Skies Theme For Windows 7

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