Top 10 Free Cloud Storage Services

Top 10 Free Cloud Storage Services

In this fast pace of life everyone has become so much curious of earning and saving lots and lots of money. With the increase in consciousness about money the whole world is developing very fast with the speed of light. Daily new and large multinational companies (MNCs), business organizations etc. have been developing. These companies have their business links in all over the world. Such big companies obviously have a large amount of databases that keeps all the related data and information.

We know that an ordinary computer user require a storage space of nearly 100-1000 GB for his activities to be stored on his computer system. Now it is very obvious that the large companies have thousands of workers working under them. Now we can imagine that how much data storage capacity the company would require so that these workers could store and share the data among them.

Top 10 Free Cloud Storage Services


Now there are certain questions that would arise in everyone’s mind:

  • Where do they store such huge data?
  • Do they require large no of hard disk drives?
  • Is there any HDD that have large capacity to store data?
  • Where they keep so many physical hard disk drives?

One and a simple answer to these questions is cloud technology.

Cloud technology provides a way to store the data online in space provided by some companies. Large amount of data pool is provided by these companies. Any user can purchase a storage space from these companies and can easily access the data. The data can be accessed from different location by any third party from any geographic location. Cloud technology has proved very advantageous, safe, and user-friendly. Cloud technology has made the data handling very easy and comfortable.

Cloud technology is provided by no of service providers. They can be used for backups and synchronization purposes.

Top 10 Free Cloud Storage Services :

1. Dropbox

It is a very efficient application, if one wants to have shared a same file or any kind of other data in all the devices he is having like a mobile phone, laptop etc. Anything that we stores in one folder at a particular location will be shared by all the devices automatically. It provides 2 GB of free storage.

2. Sugarsync

Sugarsync provides you the facility to store the data and files safely in the cloud storage. You can easily store the data in a space provided by sugarsync and can share it at different locations. With sugarsync you can easily select and share existing folders you want to share among all the devices you are having. If u edits or updates anything in any folder, it will be uploaded to all the cloud storage. It also offers the storage of 5GB.

3. Zumodrive

Zumodrive provides a very efficient way to use cloud technology. With this one can easily store and synchronize a file with all the devices. It also support different languages in which user can easily perform his work.

4. Teamdrive

Teamdrive is another good alternative for file sharing that provides user to use 2GB of free usage. It is available in both English and German language.

5. Ubuntu one

There are various versions available for ubuntu. It can be found in many languages and offers the memory space of 2 GB.

6. Idrive

It has a special feature to allow the user to use 5 GB of data for free. It supports windows as well as Mac for apple users.

7. Opendrive

It is compatible with Windows only. It provides 5 GB of cloud storage.

8. Syncplicity

It provides free usage of 2 GB. It can be easily installed and compatible with the windows and Mac OS.

9. Skydrive

It provides 5 GB of free usage to the user.

10. Spideroak

It offers 2 GB of free data usage. It is available for Mac, Windows, and Linux, android.


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