Online Shopping

Top 5 Online Shopping hacks to save money

Almost every shop is either available online or in the process to go online. It is the future. You can buy anything you want online. From Groceries, Food, Clothes to…

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Online Course

What are the prerequisites for an Online Course?

One of the major things that makes online courses so attractive is that students can take them at home using familiar equipment. Internet-based learning is becoming increasingly popular, and perhaps…

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Data Recovery

Recover your deleted or Formatted data

Loosing data can have very negative consequences and it is something you will want to avoid, whether you are a business or even just an individual. After all we’ve all…

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Choose Laptop

How to choose a Laptop that is Right for you

With thousands of differing specs and prices, looking for a new laptop can be confusing. Do you need something with a big hard drive for increased storage or do you…

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Backup Contacts

Backup Android Contacts without an App

As technology comes close to our lives, importance and amount of data both are increasing from a rapid pace. Take our contact list as an example – 10 years ago…

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