Samsung Wave Y

Samsung Wave Y Review

Samsung Wave Y , also known as Wave 538 features a 3.2 Inch Screen and runs in Bada 2.0 OS . Below the display there is  a large physical home key, flanked…

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Huawei M886 Mercury

The Latest Addition of Huawei M886 Mercury!

Huawei is a mobile phone manufacturing company that got a good share of the market. This is one company which is popularly known for manufacturing cheap and affordable mobile phones,…

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Samsung Wave 3

Samsung Wave 3 Review

The Samsung Wave 3 , Bada OS smartphone with a 4-in Super AMOLED display . Samsung launched this phone with a hope that wave 2 had a Good sale in…

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Google Sitelinks Condtions

How to get Google Sitelinks to appear for your Blog?

You would have noticed that when you Google for some keywords and you find sites would have Google Sitelinks.What are Google Sitelinks first of all? Google Sitelinks are the links…

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