Best Online Tools for Designing Logos

“There are some teams and logos you see, no matter where you are in the world, and you know exactly who they are and what they mean.”

This one quote by Le Bron James encapsulates exactly what a logo strives to be. An image that becomes synonymous with your brand and your business. A good logo is one that immediately catches the eye of the audience and at the same time displays the core values of the company.

Of course doing such a thing is no mean task, after all we have seen companies spend thousands if not millions of dollars on graphic designers in order to redesign their logos and rebrand themselves. But what if you are a small business or someone who is just starting out? Well in that case you can use our article and the collective resources of the internet so that you can make the best logo that reflects your company and the brand image that you want to portray.

So without further ado here are the 3 best online logo makers ranked in order of our preference.

  1. logo maker

The Wix brand is familiar to everyone who has at some point in their life developed an online business or gone through the process of setting up a website for their organisation. Now with Logo Maker, the fine folks at Wix seeks to extend their offerings towards a more holistic branding approach. Often communication is the main barrier between business owners and graphic designers as either side of the table are not really able to get through to each other. This leads to frustration for both the client as well as the artist and the finished product is not always aligned with the thought that the business owner had in mind. logo maker seeks to avoid all of this by replacing the artist with their intelligent AI called ADI that combines its excellent knowledge of digital design with your inputs to create an unique logo that is customised to meet your demands. How this works is quite interesting and that’s why I decided that I’d tell you guys a bit more about it! The Wix ADI first asks you a bunch of questions about your company and what sort of look you’d consider going for and then it makes you choose from its vast array of existing famous logos to get a more in depth idea of the sort of logos you like. And then it crafts the perfect logo for you. The best part in all of this is you can still tinker around with that logo as much as you wish, using Wix’s robust image editing tools! And oh yeah did I mention it’s completely FREE!

  1. Canva

Now if you are someone who has a more artistic streak inside and have had experience with professional imaging tools like Photoshop, Canva might be an alternative that you might want to look into. So why is such a powerful tool at the second spot instead of number 1? Well two reasons- the main one being that Canva is aimed at being an all purpose image editor rather than a dedicated logo maker. This means that you have to start from scratch for designing a logo, something that is quite time consuming as well as daunting for someone who is new to image editing, and that brings us to the second reason, Canva as good as it is, has a steep learning curve which makes it great for designers and artists but not so useful for small business owners who are just trying to make a beautiful logo for their online presence. 

  1. Shopify Online Logo Maker

The number 3 spot on our list is taken by the Shopify Logo Maker. Among its pros are the easy to use, no frills interface that lets you create and use a logo in a matter of minutes. And while we love how easy to use the interface is, the one gripe for us is that it loses out some points when it comes to customisation. The choice of texts and icons is a bit limited which might lead to some of the more preferred assets being shared among multiple logos which of course decreases the uniqueness of it!


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And that about wraps up our list of the top 3 best online logo makers! If you are a small business owner or a startup that is still struggling to make that perfect logo that fits perfectly with your brand ethos, then do give these 3 online creators a shot! After all, with powerful tools like these at your disposal; the logo of your dreams is only a click away!

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