Alternatives to Ahrefs for SEO planning is a great site for SEO planning. If you want to ensure your site is properly optimised for search engine optimisation (SEO), if you want to ensure you are using the right keywords for your site or if you want to check out what competitors are doing with their online site this great tool is going to help you do just that. And, in less time you can recreate a website to make it one that visitors want to visit and one which ranks atop Google and other search engines to ensure you outdo local competitors. If you want alternatives to there are several to choose from; consider a few of these options.


Recommended by BestBusinessAlternatives. this site gives you analytics which count. It informs you what the top keywords are on blogs and articles. It helps you recreate or rewrite meta-tags, titles, and headings. It shows you how competitor sites are ranking for similar keywords, services and business operations. You have an inclusive tool which not only shows you what you are doing well and where you need to improve your site you can also compare it to other sites in the same niche. You can also view analytics about traffic, cost for running pages and returns on pages.


This is another great tool for keyword research when designing a site based on SEO criteria. From helping you choose keywords, to finding out what keywords people most search for a particular industry niche or topic. is a helpful tool any business owner can use. It also provides insightful blogs, research topics and written content which helps you employ different changes to your site so you can rank atop your competitors in any niche. It is easy to use, easy to read and provides you in-depth analysis about the campaigns you are running on your site.

SEO Power Suite:

As the name implies, this site allows you to focus solely on SEO and see where changes have to be made to your site to ensure higher rankings. It will give you information about top backlinks to add to your site, provides a rank-tracking tool and a Spyglass feature which allows you to “peek” at what competitors are doing. You can learn which keywords are highest ranking in your niche-industry and find ways to modify your site mobile and desktop to ensure greater usability, readability and a more user-friendly interface for visitors.

Majestic and ScreamingFrog are also great alternatives to consider. If you want to be a leader in your industry or niche, SEO is king today. From properly optimising social media posts to knowing where to add backlinks from other reputable sites, these great tools can help you modify your site, to ensure higher rankings. For those who are using or looking for an alternative to these are a few of the top SEO tools you can rely on when the time comes to recreate and design a more user-friendly site for your visitors.

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